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May 17, 2008 09:25 AM

Best way to ship baked goods?

Im planning on shipping some biscotti/cookies to my guy who just moved out of town. How should i pack them to ensure they dont get stale or broken during shipping?


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  1. I would vacuum pack them, put them in a tin, and then in a box filled with packing peanuts.

    1. I used to wrap in plastic wrap, then parchment or wax paper, then in ziploc and make sure to get out all the air. If they're fragile, use one layer of bubble wrap. Then I'd line a shoe box w/ wax paper and put the whole thing in. But, I've read that Pringles cans make great containers for cookies and protect them well, if you make them the cookies the right size. You probably wouldn't get a lot of biscotti in one, though.

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        Chowser, I like the Pringles cans for shortbread cookies, but it can be difficult to get unrolled cookies to fit in the same size, as they have a tendency to spread. I just you could use a ring mold, or cut them as they come out of the oven, but that seems like a lot of unnecessary labor.

        I do the zip-lock bag with the air sucked out and then I use either bubble wrap or unbuttered popcorn as packing material.

        Biscotti are fairly durable, so you could wrap them in single layer in bubble wrap if you are concerned about rough handling.

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          That's good to know about Pringles cans--thanks. I don't normally have them around anyway. I was also going to mention, that with soft cookies, you can add a slice of bread to keep them soft.

      2. when shipping cookies to my brother-in-law (overseas in navy) I usually wrap the cookies in waxed paper and and cushion with paper towels & seal in a zip lock bag. now he's probably not as picky after eating on the ship for a few months... and hasn't complained about freshness.

        You might also consider some cookie recipes that travel well... I use a WWII recipe for cookies called "ranger" cookies that have a little cocoanut in them... so they stay moister longer. Peanut butter seem to travel well too.

        I have heard the same about the pringles can too... but haven't tried it yet.