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May 17, 2008 07:42 AM

Best Inexpensive Mall Lunch?

I was recently at Dundas Square and amid the KFC and Subway franchises I spotted Tropical Joe's, a famuly run carribean-type place serving oxtail on rice, stewed chicken, etc. I opted for a large curry chicken, boneless and falling apart, with peas, beans and rice and all smothered in a delicous pungent sauce. A small amount of marinated cabbage served on the side. I had enough left over for an evening snack. Price? about $8 including tax and absolutely fabulous. Anyone else been to Tropical Joe's? --DVR

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  1. I believe they have several other locations. There is one restaurant which serves from an outside door of the Mall on Albion near Kipling, you cannot enter from within the Mall itself. Yes quantities and price certainly majke the food attractive, but the food is quite good. I especially like the Jerk Chicken as it is so well prepared and very wonderfully spiced. An equally good choice is the oxtail! What I do now when I order, is ask for half rice and half salad ( small cut cabbage basically ) as the rice and peas is too filling for me!

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      There's a Tropical Joe's at Gerrard Square. The only thing I've eaten there so far have been the pattys, which are good, but not made in house. However, the smells coming from that stand are great. They even manage to overwhelm the horrible odor that emanates from the Subway counter next door. The food looks good too.

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        recommend you try it embee. the oxtail and curry are great.

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