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May 17, 2008 07:06 AM

How Do You Like Your Breakfast Ham??

Hey Hounds.

So it's a lousy, wet Saturday morning and I just finished my breakfast.
I had fried ham, a fried egg and roasted garlic cheese grits. But I digress.

The question dawned on me. How do you like your breakfast ham. I like to thick cut it and fry it in a touch of oil until there is a nice mahogany crust on the outside with nice tender ham on the inside.

The reason I ask is because my parents like it thin cut. My dad likes it cooked until it's hard and my mom takes it off earlier when it just starts to get some colour.


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  1. I like a thick ham steak - throw it on the grill and glaze with either mustard or maple syrup - orange marmalade also works.

    Serve it with a couple pieces of stuffed french toast and that is my favorite Sunday breakfast. YUM!

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    1. re: NE_Elaine

      Ya, I can't imagine that would suck.


    2. I like to chop thin ham into strips and fry it until it's a little brown, but not crispy. And then I like to rub it in some syrup from the french toast.

      1. Hey Davwud,

        I prefer a thickish cut, (at least 3/8 of an inch), slapped on a cast iron skillet heated to medium. When it is nicely browned on both sides, I remove the ham, lower the flame on the stove, and set the pan aside to cool down a bit.

        When the pan has acquiesced to my temperature bidding, I return it to the heat, and use the flavorful drippings to cook my eggs, potatoes, grits, pancakes, etc. Then, once those are plated, I return the ham to the pan for a quick dose of heat, and revel in breakfast nirvana.


        1. Kinda make a ham hash. Start by a saute of onions(1/2 cup) in oil (2 -3 TBL)and diced raw potatoes (2 cups) til potatoes are browned. Add mushrooms to brown then 1 cup of diced ham pieces. Meanwhile poach some eggs (soft). When potatoes/ ham hash is ready... plate.. topped with soft poached eggs .. may add hot sauce to taste. Yumm!
          Kinda a rendition from Charlie's sandwich shop in Boston's Back Bay area visited a few years back. Local spot where they are line up around the block to get a seat at the counter Amazing place.

          1. Butter, that's the criteria for jfood...butter. Thick, thin, low-Na, country, doesn;t matter as long as it is sauteed in butter. Likewise eggs. Butter. Gotta frythem in butter. Not oil and definitely not the sprash vanish that some diners use. Infact when he stays at an embassy Suites, he takes a few pats from the bread area and brings to the "free eggs" line and hands them to the chef. When jfood orders or makes breakfast he always specifies.....Butter.

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              I had cream left over from making whipped cream for my mom last Sunday so today I made butter with it for the first time. Now that's some butter. I made a compound butter out of it but I guess I should've saved some to do my ham and eggs tomorrow.

              Do you brown the butter first??


              1. re: Davwud

                Only if the cutie in the avatar takes jfood's attention away for a cookie.

                But nu, jfood likes the flavor of butter better than the flavor of brown butter.

              2. re: jfood

                This is exactly why I have been wanting to eat at jfood's since I first stared reading him on here!

                1. re: WCchopper

                  Thanks WC.

                  After getting rained out of golf yesterday, jfood and friends sitting atthe bar and now he is committed to some short ribs and canneloni (hopefully not at the same time) over the next few weeks. Not exactly a menu for Memorial Day but maybe one will go with the BBQ.