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May 17, 2008 06:57 AM

Going to Manhattan in one week...

I've never been to New York before but in a week I will be visiting for four days. I need to find some good places to eat. I am looking for places in two categories: cheap but really good (like maybe the best place to get pizza / hot dogs / bagel) and then a few really nice places to eat. For the nice places, I am thinking that as long as it isn't more than $75 (+/- a little bit) per person it would be okay. I only need one or two of the fine dining choices but a few more for the inexpensive ones as those will be for breakfast / lunch and we'll be eating a nice dinner just a couple of times. I've tried Googling best restaurants in Manhattan but there are so many I don't even know where to start. Any suggestions?


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  1. Where are you from? What kind of cuisines do you like? What kind of fine dining choices are you looking for (cuisine, atmosphere, features, etc)? Any preferred neighborhoods? Where are you staying? Do you have itinerary of other activities you need to work around?


    Bagels/smoke salmon:


    Street carts:


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      I definitely say you have to hit cafe habana in soho. VERY INEXPENSIVE and the best cuban sandwiches and corn on the cob.
      I also reccomend hitting up pommes frites for a the best frites!
      i also suggest trying a slice of artichoke/spinach pizza at Artichoke on 14th between 1st and second.
      for a nicer sit down, but still very inmexpensive, you have to go to Otto (batali's resturant on 5th avenue and 8th street)

    2. eat at the bar at gramercy tavern. you'll hit your price point and have a really good meal. no reservation required. casa mono is another interesting place.