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Creamed chipped beef,

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I am looking for a good place for breakfast/brunch, particularly creamed chipped beef within about a half hour of Villanova.

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  1. The Fairlane Diner on Bethlehem Pike does a good creamed chipped beef.

    1. search the board. I believe this was the topic of discussion on the PA board several months ago. I love creamed chipped beef if done right. It's not too easy to find, though.

      1. Best I ever had was at Hank's Place, Rt 1 and 100, Chadds Ford. The Wyeths are frequent guests in the restaurant. The Brandywine River museum is a stone's throw away and Chadds Ford Winery, Steven Pearce and Longwood Gardens are other nearby points of interest.

        Hank's creamed chipped beef comes over your choice of toast, home fries, southern-style bisquits or Belgian waffles.

        1. I understand Michaels Deli in the Valley Forge shopping center has good chipped beef and breakfast is served all day.

          1. Why in the name of God did I have to open up this post? It's a miserable, wet, bone-chilling day & now I am jonesin' for a big plate of SOS on English Muffin toast.

            1. Sorry to be a pain but..
              What is creamed chipped beef?

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                Basically, it's a bechemel sauce with dried beef in it. Usually served over toast. Southerners make something similar, but with bits of sausage in it. It's a way to make something very filling & cheap. It is sometimes called "SOS" ("sh*t on a shingle") because it became so ubiquitous in army cuisine, and was therefore not a fav. It's usually served for breakfast, but can also be a supper if you are low on money and have many mouths to feed.

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                  How poetic! Boeuf sec a la Bechemel. Maybe Georges will consider it as an entree for the "new" Bec.

                  If you remember all of the Glenside establisments of our recent post, you must certainly recall Wee Willie Weber hawking Knauss' Dried Beef for a quick SOS dinner on TV back in the 60's.

                  I wonder what it would be like in a heavy cream sauce finished with some white pepper, a hint of dry sherry and served on toasted baguette with a fresh herb garnish.

                  With such finesse, it may have even avoided its unfortunate G.I. moniker.

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                    Hey, I used to have a Wee Willie Weber TV tray!

                    I usually do my SOS with a bit of minced onion and some lemon pepper. Have also added other herbs -- whatever was around and whatever suited my fancy. Even a touch of nutmeg. Great hangover food! Interestingly enough, my recently married daughter called to get the "recipe" for SOS. She wanted to make it for her hubby.

                    My dad was from up-state Pennsylvania, and used to make a version with tomatoes, but no dried beef. Cooked the thinly sliced very ripe tomatoes in butter, made the roux & added milk. From the cooking school of "use-what-you-have-on-hand-and-fill-the-younguns'-bellies".