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May 17, 2008 06:03 AM

Creamed chipped beef,

I am looking for a good place for breakfast/brunch, particularly creamed chipped beef within about a half hour of Villanova.

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  1. The Fairlane Diner on Bethlehem Pike does a good creamed chipped beef.

    1. search the board. I believe this was the topic of discussion on the PA board several months ago. I love creamed chipped beef if done right. It's not too easy to find, though.

      1. Best I ever had was at Hank's Place, Rt 1 and 100, Chadds Ford. The Wyeths are frequent guests in the restaurant. The Brandywine River museum is a stone's throw away and Chadds Ford Winery, Steven Pearce and Longwood Gardens are other nearby points of interest.

        Hank's creamed chipped beef comes over your choice of toast, home fries, southern-style bisquits or Belgian waffles.

        1. I understand Michaels Deli in the Valley Forge shopping center has good chipped beef and breakfast is served all day.

          1. Why in the name of God did I have to open up this post? It's a miserable, wet, bone-chilling day & now I am jonesin' for a big plate of SOS on English Muffin toast.