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May 17, 2008 03:51 AM

Calgary - Banff - Edmonton with Todlers??

So heading out to Alberta for a few weeks, flying into Calgary, driving out to Banff for a few days, and then heading up to family in Edmonton for the rest of it.

Any reccomendations for good family friendly places?

At the moment I am thinking of stopping in at Pete's Drive-in on the way out of Calgary, then Banff doens't seem too interersting food wise, but I fancy Canmore and maybe the Rocky Mountain Flatbread place?

When we leave Banff for Edmonton we will be going via the Icefields and Jasper, so any reccomendations for lunch along that route?

Edmonton, not really sure, we have eaten at the Tomn Tanh (spelling?) Noodle house before and were suitably impressed.

Being a Brit, I am unashamedly looking forward to your fast food places, Taco Bell, Bad Ass Jacks and Harveys! As well as drinking an obscene amount of Keg Rootbeer! All of which we don't have in the UK

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  1. Don't bother with Bad Ass Jack's in Calgary - it's a sad former shadow of itself.

    There's nothing very interesting chowhound wise along the Icefields Parkway -- Num-ti-jah Lodge, which is maybe 20 mins. to 1/2 an hour past Lake Louise has decent food, and you can't beat the setting, right on pristine Bow Lake. The Post Hotel pub in Lake Louise serves excellent food and is family-friendly, but that may be too early of a lunch stop, as Lake Louise is approximately 1/2 an hour from Banff.

    You could stop at Laggan's in the Lake Louise mall for some treats, though be forewarned, there is usually a tourist feeding-frenzy at lunch time. Service is fast and efficient -- but they only take cash or a Canadian debit card.

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      Check out some of the previous posts on Canmore, there are great places there for food. The Summit Cafe is great for breakfast/lunch. Rocky mountain flatbread is wonderful, only open for dinner though.

      In Jasper The Black Sheep is a great 'diner' style place for any meal, and definitely the Bear's Paw Bakery.

      Once in Edmonton, there are lots of great Ethnic places in town that would be suited to kids. What area of town are you going to be in? I like the Urban diner (downtown), I believe that they have a kids menu, kids would be good at Delux burger bar too (WestEnd). Smokey Joes (west end) is a smokehouse for all sorts of meats, great ribs (best in city in my opinion). Might have more specific suggestions once I know your locale.

    2. No shame in fast food! The thing is. Taco Bell is American, and they do fast food indescribably better (and unhealthier but so what) in the US.

      Banff and Canmore in particular are pound-for-pound among the best dining cities in Canada- I cannot think of any city the size of Canmore that has the dining scene it does. Paradise.

      Most places in Canmore are KID friendly but I'd suggest you check out Communitea, which is a coffeehouse with superb food and giant bean bags for seating, which should enchant most kids!

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Just across the road from Communitea is the warm, friendly and utterly kid friendly Harvest. Nice little patio out the front to keep the toddlers happy & the food is great too. We popped in this morning for breakfast & I enjoyed the Farmers Market Breakfast sandwich whilst my daughter munched her way through a chocolate-y french toast. Living here (and a Brit as well!) I tend to forget about Harvest a little, as it's a bit hidden away - but it really is a little gem of a cafe.

        We also took the kids to Sushi House in Banff last week, not the world's greatest sushi - but decent nonetheless - but the train trundling round the bar carrying the food will keep the kids enchanted for longer than normal.