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May 17, 2008 03:18 AM

Bringing an Infant to La Table de Joel Robuchon?

My husband, daughter, and I will be in Paris for the weekend and would like to try to eat at La Table for the 55Euro lunch. My daughter is 3 months old, and generally sleeps in her pram or carseat when we take her out.

We have no issues taking her out in London, but are wondering if it would be inappropriate to bring her with us to this restaurant specifically in Paris (we have other plans for other days/nights that I don't worry about).

Any thoughts?

Also, is the 55E lunch menu offered on Sundays?

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  1. I thinnk that the 55 eur is on weekdays only. But on both issues, I recommend that you call them and ask. It's not inapproprate to bring kids of all ages in restaurants in Paris but it is sometimes impractical, and La Table is not a place with a lot of room.

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      Thanks, Souphie, that's exactly what we're asking. We will ask when we call for reservations - we would need an extra chair for her, definitely (but we could leave the pram behind).