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May 17, 2008 01:50 AM

La Botte and Melisse

Had lunch today - get the paparadelle with the lamb ragu and pistachio. Delicious. Had to share.

Had the carte blanche menu the other night at Melisse - terrific as usual. c. Something new on the menu really popped - and all I can say is that it was the "parmesan soup" - a sensational parmesan broth. My mouth waters just thinking about it. The egg caviar was usually the standout - now this one pops. Looking forward to going back.

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  1. We feel the Carte Blanche Menu at MELISSE is the best French Food and deal in LA.

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    1. re: russkar

      Russ, any comments on La Botte? Compared to Valentino?

    2. That paparadelle is at La Botte.

      And yes, Russkar, we're of one mind on Melisse.