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May 16, 2008 11:51 PM

Falafel Recipe Using Canned Chickpeas?

I have a couple cans of chickpeas leftover from making chopped salad and was hoping to make some falafel with them...anyone have an easy falafel recipe using canned chickpeas?

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  1. I'm making falafel tonight myself. But I always use dried chick peas for that, and canned for hummus. If you make a bunch of hummus, it freezes well and is great to have on hand for unexpected company. I don't think it would come out right with canned, too mushy/ not starchy enough.

    1. The canned chick peas can be roasted then used. Here's a an example from Kaylyn's Kitchen Blog:

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        Now this recipe I am saving! Easier than hummus.

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          Wow. That looks fantastic. Will make some for our Sunday "banquet." Thank you.

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            Hey all,
            After reading this thread, earlier tonight, I had some frozen chickpeas (canned) that I defrosted, roasted at 375 for 45 minutes with some spices until somewhat dry....then, I pureed that with lots of greens (cilantro, parsley, scallions), garlic, cumin....I shaped the "dough" into 7 oval shaped thingies. I then dropped them into 375 deg hot oil....guess what happened!?

            They disintegrated!!! I was so sad. I have 4 survivors - how can I cook them? I was thinking about dipping them in an egg wash and then rolling in bread crumbs, then frying again....

            Sigh - first time at making falafel...I have attached a picture of the surviving uncooked falafels..

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              Maybe you can make a dip? I think you really have to use dry chickpeas, I Iearned this the same way as you.

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                What do you mean by making a dip? You mean mash it up? Mix it with some tahini?

                I don't get it - I would think that it was too dry and that's why they fell apart?? I roasted the chickpeas until they were essentially dry (tiny bit of moisture)....

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                  I was thinking like hummus maybe. Add some yogurt and spices and give it a whiz. I hate to throw food away.

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                    Duchess, they turned out kind of bad...too dry. I think it was a fail from the getgo.

                    Anyhow, thanks for your recommendation. Coll, I should have turn it into a dip....

                    I still am confused as to how different dry chick peas are from me having roasted the canned ones....I guess the only way to find out is to get some dried chick peas and try it again.

                    Happy Holidays!

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                      dry chick peas are not dry prior to using for falafel. They are quite hydrated and are more like fresh than dried

                      1. re: scubadoo97

                        thanks scubadoo. I saw your pics from the other topic when you made falafel. Looked beautiful!

              2. re: xiaobao12

                Xiao, bake them as small flat patties.

                Preheat to 350. Grease baking sheet.

                Moisten hands. Separate those puppies into 2-3 portions each, gently flatten in palms into flat patties. Bake 20"; can flip with sharp-edged spatula halfway to try to get topside crispy.

            2. 1 can of chickpeas (400g)
              3 tablespoon tahini
              2 garlic cloces
              Lemon juice (at least 1 lemon)
              2 tablespoon olive oil

              Whizz the chicpeas in the food processor. Mix in everything else. Might need a splash of water to thin it. Works fine - my life is too short to use dried.

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              1. re: Harters

                That would make good hummus but not falafel. Really for falafel if you use canned chickpeas then you need some binder like flour or it just doesn't hold together well. To make falafel you don't even have to cook the chickpeas. Just soak dried ones overnight and in the morning they will be crunchy but edible. This is the right consistency for falefel.

                1. re: Harters

                  The tahini, oil and lemon juice in this recipe make me nervous - they can cause the patty to fall apart when frying. Without the chickpeas you've got a fine tahini sauce :-) for the falafel.

                  I'd go with scubadoo97's more traditional recipe:
                  and just substitute the rinsed, canned chickpeas. I'd also add a little wheat flour or chickpea flour as a binder if the mixture seems too wet. Use plenty of green onions, parsley and garlic.

                  1. re: DiveFan

                    yep chickpea flour makes the most sense plus I'd make it for a GF lady and couldn't use a wheat flour

                  2. re: Harters

                    You're right. I cut and pasted the wrong recipe from my files. Apologies and thanks for pointing out my error in such a nice way. I mustnt have read the OP properly.

                    Hope no-one tried to make falafel using it. It would be a complete mess. Makes good hummus though :-)


                  3. Do you have a recipe for the pickled turnip often found in the falafel sandwich?

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                      2 lbs of turnips
                      1 beet peeled and cut
                      3 1/2 cups of water
                      1/2 cup vinegar
                      2 Tbs salt
                      3/4 tsp of sugar

                      Slice turnips into what ever shape you like. Rings, sticks or wedges. Cut the beet as well in the same shape. Mix all other ingredients and stir to dissolve salt. Pour over turnips and beets and place in jars. Let stand for a week or so then refrigerate.

                    2. i just ended up roasting the chickpeas for snacks....guess i'll have to pick up some dry beans for falafel. :o)

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                        I use a combo of canned chick peas, and shredded zuchinni for making a sort of falafel. I've created them 2 times. Once baked once pan fried. Somehow I messed up the baked and they fell apart so I added some panko to them. This helped but took a lot of the flavor away. I'm going to try them again since the 1st batch were really good.