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May 16, 2008 10:09 PM

Edy's Chicken & Steak - Falls Church, Virginia (?)

I'm actually in Miami, but a place just opened up around the corner from us called "Edy's Chicken & Steak" which I've not yet tried. The menu is simple Peruvian style rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, and steaks, and claims they are "famous from Falls Church, Virginia." That seems like a long and winding road to get from Peru to Miami.

So, is there anyone from in or around Falls Church, VA that can vouch for the fame of Edy's Chicken & Steak?

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  1. I can vouch that it exists, and it looks as though they do a good business. We ate there once some years ago, and the chicken was very good, but the service was so slow we never went back.

    1. Yes, Edy's exists, and they do a fine Peruvian chicken, but it is their green sauce which is the real standout.

      To make the story even stranger, Edy is Thai. She's the aunt of a former co-worker of mine, but divulges the sauce recipe to no one!

      If you need more info, try the DC area board.

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        Thanks for the lead to the DC board. That green sauce is a staple that I've most typically seen w/ lomo salteado at Peruvian places here in Miami and it is mind-bogglingly addictive.