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May 16, 2008 08:41 PM

Todai Restaurant (6 E. 32nd Street)


Stumbled upon their website recently and thought it looked interesting being it's an All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Seafood Buffet Restaurant. Can anyone that has been there recommend it? What's good to eat? What's the best time to go (least crowded) lunch or dinner time? Is there any other All-You-Can-Eat Japanese restaurants located around the East Side of town? When my family and I stop in for vacation, we'll be staying at the Roosevelt on East 45th street.

Thanks for any suggestions/help.

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    1. I've been to Todai a few times. The food is not too bad. There's a huge variety and it's a huge place, so tons of seating. It starts to fill up at about 12:30 for lunch on weekdays. My five year old son loves eating there and it's very kid-friendly. They have a nice dessert bar with fruit, jello, and little cookies and pastries.

      1. You mentioned the magic word "family". My kids love it cause they get the food right away and short of Kaiten sushi in Tokyo, nothing makes my older daughter happier than scrutinizing each piece before she opts to put it on her plate. We did a teenagers party at Todai last year- huge hit with the kids. Weekend lunch is a great time to go- right after they tap out your credit cards at Macys.
        All that being said, i hate the place. The food isn't very good.

        1. Been to Todai a bunch ... not bad. However I like sushi park better, if you like sushi more than american versions of japanese food like Todai has. Sushi park focuses on the their sushi first and last. Great sushimi collection for sure.

          1. It's actually terrible food, but if you like buffets this may be the place for you. Lunch is about $12 or $13 cheaper, but you get more variety during dinnertime. During dinner, they have sashimi and crab claws.

            Personally, if you just want AYCE sushi, I think it's wiser to go to a place like Kinoko where they make the sushi to order as opposed to having the pieces just sit there for a long time. Kinoko is in the West 70s, but I think there is an AYCE sushi joint on the Upper East Side. Quality is MUCH better than Todai but still not that hot. But if you want cooked dishes and desserts as well, Todai would be more suitable for you.