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May 16, 2008 07:45 PM

Asian steam boat sauces.

Ahh.. my offspring!!! The actually DO listen to me. I am now the proud owner of a proper Asian steam boat! And I am christening her tonight!!

Gots me some prawns and some scallops and some mussels and some lobster bits and some chicken and beef strips and random Asian vegies and mung bean noodles.

Defrosting some chicken stock as we speak.

Question 1.... what flavourings should I add to my stock? (if any). I was thinking a star anise and some lemon grass.

What say you??

And dipping sauces?

Terryaki and lime, hoi sin, oyster and maybe a nam jim.

Any other suggestions?

Spanks in advance.


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  1. From your post, I'm assuming a steam boat is in Oz-speak what we in the US might variously call a hot pot or shabu shabu pot? Heat liquid and everyone cooks his or her own goodies to their pleasure?

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      Mine is the one that you put the hot coals down the spout.

      1. what timing ! i just finished boiling lobster and i wanted to do aromatics so i used cilantro roughly chopped, one scallion again chopped and slices of ginger in thick slivers. it smelt so incredible DH kept commenting on it. i do make mongolian hot pot with similar aromatics with lamb, lobster and veggies to dip into chicken broth. its very yummy.

        1. For Chinese hotpot, I tend to use Kylie Kwong's steamboat recipe as a guide for the stock, marinades and dipping sauces. It's really great:

          1. Have a variety of sauces and condiments for your guests to mix and create.
            You can't go wrong with a mixture of soy, sesame oil, oyster sauce, and sliced Jalapenos.
            My fave is to mix some hoisin, chinese satay sauce, cilantro, mixed with a raw egg.