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May 16, 2008 06:10 PM

great wall, hamilton nj


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  1. any comments on this new place? SUPPosedly the chef "renowned". thx

    1. I can't find anything on it....where is it in Hamilton? We're just down the road.... -mJ

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      1. re: njfoodies

        sorry for the delay njfoodies, its on george dire road (sp)? i dont live there, a friend of mine told me about it but when he went last week he said the advertisement was much more elaborate than the place itself -- and only one table // still have no idea how the food is but if u go, send a review!! THX

        1. re: nyebaby37

          I found it on Yahoo Maps and it's not that far at all. Almost looks like it's near the new Delorenzo's, so we'll have to try it sometime. Thanks for the tip! -mJ