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May 16, 2008 05:47 PM

Fresh Buffalo

Is there anyplace within 30 miles of Simi where I can get fresh ground buffalo meat?
I just tried Traders frozen buffalo patties and it was fantastic. It makes me wonder what the fresh will taste like and what I can do with it. I could not find previous posts about the topic but if I missed something let me know.

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  1. I believe Whole Foods stores sometimes have fresh buffalo but I would call to check.

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      Whole Foods here in Long Beach offer fresh in 4 varieties/cuts; ground and steaks. Much better when fresh and I do believe that Fuddrucker's still has a buffalo burger on their menu.

    2. There is a vendor at the SM Farmer's market. Fantasitc. I don't recall, but they are probably at some other LA Farmer's Markets that are closer to Simi like Studio City or Hollywood.

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        There is a great vendor at the Hollywood FM called Lindner Bison (usually set up on Ivar, I believe). That might be the one Frommtron is thinking of... They carry ground meat and burger patties. They also carry a wide variety of other things, too (ribeye, tenderloin, chuck, etc.) if you're curious to expand your buffalo consumption. We've been really happy with everything we've bought there and the woman who runs the stand is really helpful and friendly. Bonus, the bison is grassfed, which is supposed to make it healthier and give it a better taste. Here's their website if you're curious --

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          Thanks everyone. I will check out all the suggestions offered.