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May 16, 2008 04:41 PM

Pittsburgh Top Dining

I'm coming into Pittsburgh for the weekend and not leaving until Wednesday. I'm looking for a top place in Pittsburgh to go out with my parents. Serious food and a serious wine list. Where should I be dining?

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  1. Bring your own wine. Dine at Legume

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      Consider your own stems as well. We love legume but would place it in the informal/caaual camp. For a locally sourced more formal meal there is Bona Terra in Sharpsburg across the river.

    2. Nine on Nine
      This place is downtown.

      Sonoma Grille
      Featuring California wines.

      Bistro 19
      In Mt. Lebanon, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

      Bado Cucina
      About 20 minutes to a half hour out of downtown Pittsburgh. This is BYOB with a $5 corkage, so obviously they specialize in their food. If you head out of the city on rt. 19 south, you can stop at the Village Square state liquor store for a good selection of wine.

      All wine in Pa. is sold through the State Stores. Or you can bring your own, just to be sure.

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        i agree with yayadave. Bado Cucina is worth the drive. Nightly specials are always fabulous! The atmosphere is great.

        1. Hands down Vivo in Bellevue if you want a dining experience-plan on 2 1/2 hrs if not 3. Bout 10 tables open wed-sat make a reservation.Not I Italian but served 5 course Italian style. Husband and wife team Sam as chef Lori desserts. Once again byob and bring an extra bottle.



          1. "Serous wine list" would have to include the Carlton. Food is very good as well. Not the most inventive cuisine, but solid renditions of classics with some twists and what I'd say is the most professional service in the city. They use a wine pricing policy that adds a fixed amount to each bottle, not the 3x cost that's found in many places. Owner Kevin Joyce believes that wine should be enjoyed at every meal and really tries to make an very comprehensive list of interesting wines affordable.

            The Carlton