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May 16, 2008 04:30 PM

Need help in Banff

i will be in Banff for one week and need some suggestions. would rather avoid places that are too fancy? just trying to find the absolute best eating options...

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  1. I liked Bison Bistro when I was there last year:

    You may want to check out Canmore. I think the food might a little better and more reasonable there. Bear Paw Brewery is good for a burger. Crazyweed gets a lot of talk around here. The line-up was out the door when I went last winter, so we passed.

    1. For starters, nothing is "too fancy" in Banff. It is mountain casual most places you go. My all time favourite is Buffalo Mountain Lodge. Can't say enough about it - great ambience, high quality food, pleasant.

      1. I second Bison Bistro and strongly recommend Wild Flour Bakery just down the block from Bison. Wild Flour has deeeelicious breakfast paninis and scones. The Banff Springs for Tea is a nice treat too...and not super-fancy, their policy (last I checked) is no jeans/sneakers. Since it's the long weekend I'd recommend Mon/Tues the crowds should ease up a bit. :)

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          Yes -- Wild Flour and definitely Banff Springs for tea!

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            The Banff Springs has a killer lunch buffet as well, that includes a free tour of the hotel, Wed. and Saturdays during the summer. They make this big deal about no jeans, or "casual wear" but we've worn both and they didn't even blink when we arrived to eat.

            The fanciest place we've been to in Banff is The Eden dining room at the Rimrock Resort -- definitely a dress-up place.

            We haven't been for a while, but Barpa Bill's serves the best Souvlaki, really heavy on the garlic.

          2. I was at the bison bistro today and the duck confit eggs benedict there, are the best eggs benny dish I have ever had.

            1. Barpa Bill's for super-garlicky souvlaki. Mostly take out; has a few stools.