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May 16, 2008 04:23 PM

Dim Sum in Jacksonville With Carts

In case no one has mentioned it - we now have a dim sum restaurant with cart service at lunch. I don't think Hong Kong has anything to worry about - but it is actually a lot better than I would expect in Jacksonville. It's called Bamboo Creek - and is located in Tinseltown where the old Japanese buffet restaurant used to be (a little north of the movie theater complex). Robyn

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  1. I recently read the excellent review of this in the FL Times-Union, and it's definitely on my "to eat at" list. I'm also not far from there.

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      If you do go during the week - go early. It's basically an office lunch crowd and the carts are fast and furious from a little before noon until about 12:45. We've been 3 times - and think it's a keeper.

    2. Bamboo Creek also has a traditional Chinese menu that is outstanding. Try their roast duck, which rivals anything I've had in New York, and is by far the best roast duck that Florida has to offer.

      1. I'm on the other side of the river, but this just went on my "to do" list. That roast duck sounds wonderful - I have to try it and post back...

        1. I live in the Jacksonville area, but I have enjoyed Dim Sum in some of the best places in New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, so needless to say, I went into Bamboo Creek with very low expectations. This is Jacksonville, after all, not the top on the list of gastronomically advanced cuisine. But I was blown away by Bamboo Creek. The food is amazing. I have gone there several times for the Dim Sum and each bite takes me back to far off places. So, if you enjoy Dim Sum, you will not be disappointed. If you have never had it before, it's worth trying and Bamboo Creek makes it easy. They have a picture menu explaining the 40 different items, some fried, some steamed and served in the bamboo baskets. The items are then served family-style to encourage sharing and tasting of many different things. The prices are reasonable, ranging from 1.60-4.80 for small to large plates. I just can't say enough about this place. If you can't make it for Dim Sum with is served at lunch time, you can still order the items off the menu at dinner. Go check it out!

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            It's amazing how the quality of Chinese food in what might be considered secondary markets has improved in the past few years. I remember visiting Miami and Orlando in the 1980s and Tampa less than 10 years ago and finding nothing close to authentic. Now all of these cities have numerous outstanding Chinese restaurants. The past three to five years has been really illuminating. You can now get good dim sum and real Chinese food in places you'd never imagine, from Bakersfield, CA to Phoenix to Denver to St. Louis and many others. So welcome to the club!

          2. bamboo creek was excellent tonight!

            the service was exceptional.

            seared tuna, pork buns, dumplings.. everything was out of this world. really a rare find in jacksonville.