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May 16, 2008 04:12 PM

williamsburg help! (ok, maybe greenpoint too)

i'm going to the brooklyn brewery on sunday with a bunch of friends to celebrate my birthday with an afternoon of binge drinking. the few of us that will make it 'til closing will probably need a nice meal afterwards. i'm thinking something hearty or at least substantial, since we'll be fairly intoxicated (we don't need deep fried hamburgers, but sushi and very light fare is probably out of the question, as is indian food). is there a good spot nearby (n. 11th and berry) that fits the bill? it'd probably need to accommodate a party of 8-10, but if we're split into two nearby tables i wouldn't mind.


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  1. Teddy's on 8th and Berry. The food's not great, but the atmosphere's just right.

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