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May 16, 2008 04:10 PM

need help on name of vegetable

What is the English name of an Asian vegetalbe that is dark green and it is kind of slimy after it is cooked. The Cantonese calls it "san choi", san meaning slimy. Is it Malabar Spinach?

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  1. You haven't given much of a description. Would it be okra?

    1. From your description, I think it may be called Amaranth in English. It's one of the few dark green leafy vegetables that is spinach like but can be slimy when cooked. I sometimes see it here at the farmer's market sold by Hmong farmers. Sometime they have reddish stems. My mother used to stir fry it with eggs.

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        Good guess. Here's a link to a site with a pic

        The Encyclopedia of Asian Food lists the alternate names as Chinese spinach in English or een choy, yin choy, in-tsai, hsien tsai and xian cai in Chinese.

      2. Cook's Thesaurus lists saan choy as a synonym for Malabar spinach and says "This is cooked much like spinach, but it's a bit slimy like okra." See pic and more synonyms at

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          Thanks. This is exactly it. It is also called Basella alba. More info on