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May 16, 2008 03:06 PM

Takeout from upscale restaurants?

I'm having a bad day. I want to curl up on my couch in my PJs and just stare blankly at my television. All night. Trouble is, the only thing that would really cheer me up is the pot roast at Jar or Tracht's, a pizza and butterscotch budino from Mozza or even the salmon tartare cones from The French Laundry (I'm dreaming, I know). It's a night where not just any takeout meal will do.

So here's my question: Do any of the upscale, heavy-hitting restaurants offer any sort of takeout at all?

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  1. I think that most places do if you sit at the bar and order to go or call it in.

    Mozza does not.

    1. When W. C. Fields lived in the Toluca Lake area I understand that it was not uncommon for him to brng in chili from Chasen's by sending his personal driver over to pick it up. Now let's think this through to today and not being W. C. Fields. You could call the restauran you want to order from and make your order and charge it to you credit card. You could then call a cab company to have them pick it up and deliver to your house also using your credit card (by the way don't forget to tip the restaurant or the cab driver). $$ will get you whatever your heart desires.

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        Thank you guys for replying. I had heard that the higher-end restaurants frowned on takeout and some just flat out don't offer it, but from reading your posts I've some sense knocked into me: It shouldn't be a problem. Thanks.

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          I have gotten great take-out from The Ivy, Toscana, Il Pastaio. Those are the three which come immediately to mind. When I was hospitalized at Cedars, my husband would often bring me take--out from The Ivy. It was packed very well for take-out. I often order take-out from Toscana (not fish, but pizza, chicken or pasta dishes). You want to order food which travels well.

      2. At least in Fiction, if not also reality, Jar has been known to package its pot roast to go, as reflected by the following excerpt from the (excellent) Michael Connelly novel "Echo Park":

        Bosch concentrated on eating for a few moments. He then chased a mouthful of pot roast with some wine and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

        "Man, this stuff is great. Where'd you get it?"

        She smiled.

        "Just another restaurant."

        "No, this is the best pot roast I think I've ever had."

        "It's a place called Jar. They say it stands for Just Another Restaurant."

        "Oh, I get it."

        "It's off of Beverly near my place. They've got a long bar where you can eat. After moving out here I ended up eating there a lot. Alone. Suzanne and Preech always take care of me. They let me take food to go and it's not that kind of place."

        "They're the cooks?"

        "Chefs. Suzanne's also the owner. I love sitting there at the bar and watching the people come in, watching their eyes scanning the place to see who's who. A lot of celebrities go there. You also get the foodies and you get the regular people. They're the most interesting."