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NJ kosher wedding

I've been searching on-line for some help with finding a venue that can accomidate a Kosher caterer, or one that is in-house. I have read most of the posts on here already, and while they have been helpful, I have found that most of them are for New York or are at least a year old. I will be having my wedding in Northern New Jersey, but will consider central as well. Any suggestions?
Also, has anyone heard of Ultimate Caterers?

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  1. The Teaneck Marriot? Keter Torah, the Roemer Shul is large and hosts events. Why not call Main Event caterers and ask their advice as to venue?

    1. How many guests are you expecting? In Central NJ check out The Addison Park in Aberdeen, it's brand new and gorgeous, the New Brunswick Hyatt, the East Brunswick Hilton. I would also recommend calling a caterer for their suggestions. I used Schick and was very happy.

      1. You need to join the Yahoo Groups called TeaneckShuls. It has a subscriber base of over 6000, all of whom will be ready to give their advice ...and probably a short story of where they got married.

        I did my wedding (10 yrs ago) at a hotel in Fairfield, NJ it was then the Radisson but is now the Crowne Plaza. Prestige Caterers did the food.

        1. The Crystal Plaza in Livingston is a very nice place to use. I have been to many events there and the food has always been good.

          We have used Taste of Heaven and Rich does a great job and is very easy to work with.

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            I agree, I had my wedding at the Crystal Plaza in July and the food was superb (or so myguests kept telling me, haha).

          2. thanks so much! we have looked at the crystal plaza, and it is beautiful. the next on our list is the Atrium Country Club and Temple Beth Ahm in Springfield. has anyone been to either?

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              I have been to many events at the Atrium. When we lived in NJ my kids were at Schecter and we attended a number of bar and bas mitzvahs there. The food was always ok but the parking lot is way too small and even with the valet parking it can be a tough place to park.

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                i got married at he Atrium about 10 years ago and have been to many events there since. recommend it highly!

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                  I'm not sure, but I don't think the Atrium many of us have been to for weddings is called the Atrium Country Club and is not in NJ. The comments here may not apply to the place you are asking about.

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                    the one i speak of is in West Orange, NJ and the kosher caterer that works with them is Prestige....

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                    Temple Beth Ahm is really nice and has delicious food. I believe the same caterers handle weddings at Temple Emanu El in Closter, NJ, which is also supposed to be beautiful.

                  3. Have a look at the Holiday Inn in Edison. I've been to some nice affairs there.

                    1. Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury New Jersey - has an outside Kosher caterer come in - and it's a great facility!

                      1. there are quite a few places, especially shuls, in central jersey. - around deal, long branch, etc.

                        also, eagle oaks country club in farmingdale, new jersey - ram is catering my sister's kosher wedding there.

                        1. My daughter's wedding was at the Newark Airport Sheraton a little less than 2 years ago. It was catered by Main Event. It was a beautiful place and an all-around wonderful experience. Plenty of room for our almost 400 guests. Lots of nice rooms for getting ready, a bridal suite, and relatively reasonable too. Assuming there haven't been changes, speak to Barbara at 973-849-3001. She was a pleasure to work with.

                          1. I don't know if you already found a place, as this message thread is quite old, but I was very happy at the Woman's Club of Ridgewood. I used an outside caterer. It was inexpensive and lovely, much nicer than a dark, dreary hotel or shul. There is an even nicer club in Glen Ridge. Posters on this board always name the usual suspects for Kosher catering, but I would suggest thinking outside the box. I was very unimpressed by the level of service given by all the major caterers. Snobby attitude, high prices, and unoriginal menus. I wanted to do a dairy brunch (it was a sunday afternoon wedding) and couldn't find anyone willing to do it. I ended up going with a restaurant that does offsite catering. The owner was sweet, accommodating, and professional. As a caterer myself, I was just shocked at how complacent the Kosher catering business is in the greater NY area. now that we are in a major recession, perhaps all that will change, and people will start to get value for their money. I looked at many, many venues while searching and thought that most were institutional, drab, and lacked windows or charm. Feel fee to contact me directly if you want any more information! Best, Rebecca