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May 16, 2008 02:21 PM

good take-out roast chicken in/near Altadena?

Does anyone know of good roast or rotisserie chicken places in or near Altadena? (Parts of Pasadena are nearby.)

A friend is having a house-warming party tomorrow evening in Altadena and wants to serve roast chicken, along with veggie side dishes from the Lebanese Kitchen and salad. She prefers chicken that isn't very greasy, and we'd like a place without super-long waits or lines.

(If I have time, I might drive over to mid-Los Angeles and get her some chickens from Pollo a la Brasa, but that's far away, so we're looking for someplace nearer her house.)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a Zankou Chicken on Colorado Blvd. near Hill Ave in Pasadena. I love their garlic sauce. There is also Losan's (sp?) Ardatz (sp?) Cusine on Allen right next to the 210. It's tuck away in the juncture of a L-shaped strip mall. I don't like their garlic sauce as much but their Ardatz dip is wonderful! Spicy complex tatse.

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      to clarify SeaCooks rec., sp. is Lousin's and here's the menu. (have only had babaganouj and hummus- good, not extraordinary).

    2. There is a new place (or I think it's an old place the relcoated to this new location) on the east side Los Robles near Colorado before you hit the Asian Art Museum. I didn't catch the name but there was a menu outside w/ all different variation of rotisserie chicken. i've never eaten there but there seemed to be w few tables occupied and people seemed happy.

      1. I was surprised recently by how good Ralph's chicken was. I got the version with herbes de Provence - it also comes in a BBQ flavor and lemon-pepper. Unlike Zankou, of which I am not a total fan, the meat was not at all mushy, but quite firm though very tender. I also liked it better than most of the El Pollo Loco birds I've gotten, which again tend to be overcooked. I've also had an excellent chicken at Oinkster, which was also cheaper than most, though that's a bit further to go.

        The Ralphs to go to for chicken is at North Lake and Walnut, not the little one in Altadena. The best EPL would be the one across from PCC on Colorado, since they are so busy you're more likely to get fresher chickens. Oinkster is on Colorado in Eagle Rock, north side of the street.

        1. The Whole Foods on Arroyo has a good selection of rotisserie chickens - definitely not greasy. I prefer the no-salt version, but there's a few other choices too. But when I'm in the mood for salt, I head straight to Zankou!

          1. Thanks for the suggestions! I will share them all with my friend. Loisin's Ardatz dip sounds good -- is their chicken also good? Also, does anyone know whether they're the sort of place that would be capable of getting 3-4 whole chickens ready fairly quickly? (Zankou can do that, of course.)

            Based on a Google search, I think the place on Los Robles that Trolley noticed is called Rotisserie Chicken of California -- has anyone been there? How is it?


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              The chicken at Shish Kebab Express on Washington at Altadena is very good - and the chicken kebabs are some of the best in town. For roast chicken, I would call a bit in advance. Unlike Zankou, they don't generally have dozens of birds going at once.

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                RE LOUSINS- Under the "Take out only-Family Value Picks" section they show "Order 4 Whole Chickens, 8 Garlic, 8 Pitas @ Regular Price & Get 1 Extra Free Chicken" so guess if you get your order in early enough it might work for you.

                and if a first you fricasee, fry, fry a hen. (sorry, couldn't resist getting that in somewhere in this thread).

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                  "fry, fry a hen" -- oy!

                  That Louisin's deal sounds great, though I'm not sure we *need* five chickens, unless they're really small. Anybody know how good their chicken is?