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May 16, 2008 02:18 PM

Sushi in Chinatown

I'm hoping to go for sushi in Chinatown tomorrow night. Can you suggest a nice, moderately priced spot? Ginza has been recommended, but, ya know....

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  1. I didn't care for Ginza last time I went, although other visits have been fine. A better choice would be the tiny sushi bar at Montien, on the edge of the Theater District.

    Not sure how feasible this is on a Saturday night, though. If you went early I think you'd be ok.

    Montien Thai Restaurant
    63 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

    1. Ginza is definitely my favorite in Chinatown. I tried Apollo a number of years ago, and wasn't crazy about it. Haven't tried Montien.

      If you can venture a little further and spend a bit more cash, Oishii in the South End is in another class entirely. Then there's O Ya, but that's getting pretty E ticket...

      1. Suishaya is awesome!!! Go there! Incredibly fresh, tons of variety, fun scene... I went a few weeks ago and I'm dying to go back. They also have Korean food that looks out of this world.

        1. If it's sushi you want, then my experience is Ginza's the best (though I like theri non-sushi items better). Admittedly I haven't tried Montien, but I don't think I would ever venture into a Thai restaurant for sushi. Apollo and Suishaya are actually more Korean, and I find their Korean menus stronger than their sushi.

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          1. re: kobuta

            Well, unless it has been sold, Ginza's owners are Chinese, not Japanese.
            A Japanese friend of mine was an early sushi chef there and prepared excellent sushi and sahimi.
            But the atmosphere, to my mind has never been truly Japanese.
            For what it's worth.
            Everything changes though

            1. re: miiki

              My comment was not re: the ethnicity of the owners. Though Chinese owned (as is Fugakyu, one of my favorites), Ginza is meant to be a Japanese restaurant and their menu is entirely Japanese, not a hodge podge of Asian (which drives me nuts). Call me silly, but I wouldn't walk into either of them if I wanted Italian. Montien is a Thai restaurant - a pretty good one too - but one that decided to just throw sushi on their menu a few years ago. It's one thing if it's a Thai take on sushi like Byuk Kung's Korean take on certain Chinese foods as served in Korea, but as far as I know the owners just wanted to cater to the pan-Asian crowd.

          2. If I'm restricted to CT, I choose Ginza. I've had a few sushi items at Suishaya and enjoyed them but I have found the Korean side of the menu in steep decline over that last few visits. Typically at Montien I focus on the Thai, but it's good to know it's another option for sushi.