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May 16, 2008 02:00 PM

roast beef sandwiches?

Like the ones I saw last night on PBS' "Sandwiches that You Will Like"
Roast beef, sliced and piled high with the juices on these huge buns.....looked amazing.

do we got that here in the Austx????

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  1. I have not seen that PBS piece, but Little Deli on Woodrow Ave in Allandale/Crestview makes the best roast beef sandwich I've had in this city.

    And now I'm going to do some thread-jacking - anyone know where to get beef on weck here?

    Little Deli
    7101 Woodrow Ave, Austin, TX 78757

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    1. re: KPeff

      thanks kpeff, we'll try that out.

      I heard them mention "beef on weck" on that show....but sadly.....all the good sandwich shops seem to be anywhere but here!

      1. re: scoutaustin

        No way! I've seen the show and I love it, but they could film a whole sequel here in Austin. Chopped beef at Ruby's, the ahi tuna at Fuego's, the Gypsy Grove at Food Heads, meatloaf at the Kitchen Door, banh mi at Tam Deli or Thanh Nhi, the Hippie Chick at Shady Grove, tortas at Taqueria Arandas, the Old Italian at Hog Island, half the Specs menu... This is a GREAT sandwich town.

        The roast beef po boy at Gene's isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it sure is tasty.

        1. re: mkwng

          okay, okay.........i didn't mean that you couldn't get a sandwich here in austin.

          but is there a place that has proudly been serving the same thing for 40 years? a place that people come from all over to experience? a place where folks line up for blocks to take part?

          okay, i'll stop whining. the same thing happened when i saw the pbs hot dog show. I guess i want the feeling that i'm partaking in something historical.
          i guess i should take a road trip.

          1. re: scoutaustin

            I agree with mkwng's line-up.
            Tex-Mex, BBQ and Burgers are this regions iconic food.
            The closest to classic sandwich status may be Dirty Martin's or Hut's.

            I have found that the sandwich station at Whole Foods is very accommodating to building the sandwich I describe including extra meat, choice of bread, toasting. Plus they give us the choice of ordering half a sandwich. The only disappointment is that they can't add a fried egg.

          2. re: mkwng

            mkwng, I have found that it's common on these boards to find opinion that there is a dearth of fine, or great, or good food in Austin. Off the top of my head, I can name a few foods about which I have seen stated that there is no good or great version in Austin:

            Italian food (this one actually came from a friend of mine of Italian heritage)
            "Authentic" Chinese food
            "Authentic" just about anything
            and my personal recent favorite, Tex Mex. There is no great Tex Mex restaurant in Austin.

            To each his own. I feel fortunate that my experience is that there is a wealth of great food here.

            1. re: Ashforth

              I sure didn't mean to come across grouchy. I just wanted to point out that we do have plenty of great options here.

              KPeff, I don't know if you're going to find your beef on weck here - it's not common outside NY.

              And as for the rest of the show, I know for sure that if I ever hit Louisville I MUST eat a hot brown, or a St. Paul in St. Louis, etc. And I'll keep my eyes open around Austin for that great roast beef, I promise.

              1. re: mkwng

                I didn't think you were grouchy at all! I love it that you pointed out a bunch of places to get great sandwiches : )

        2. re: KPeff

          I dunno; the last time I ate at Little Deli, couple weeks back, the roast beef was well done, not pink. Maybe I got the end piece, but even then, they shouldn't have served it. I never had brown roast beef when Lucretia owned the place.

        3. I didn't see the PBS show, but I just had a Yankee Pot Roast Sandwich at Katz's today, and I liked it a lot. It had "pot roast" flavor (as opposed to something like a French Dip or deli roast beef). I'm a tough critic (pun intended) when it comes to the tenderness of meat, and this was mostly tender, but some bites were more chewy... like they didn't quite do it as "low and slow" as I like. Still, the sandwich had a lot of moistness and flavor (although I did add some salt to it). It comes with lots (and I do mean lots) of melty, gooey Muenster, grilled onions, on Jewish Rye. The experience was enhanced by the side of hand-cut french fries (hard to find in this town). There was plenty of meat on the sandwich, but I'll go out on a limb and say that it's probably not the legendary sandwich of the PBS show. I liked this, and it was worth the drive from NW Austin, but I won't claim it's road-trip-worthy.

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          1. re: stephanieh

            just curious..........on the show....... :-) ............ there was a Katz's in NY. is that the same family as the one here?

            oh....and the pot roast sandwich may do the trick. it sounds meaty enough......

            1. re: scoutaustin

              That's a very good question. And I don't know the answer. I went to and they don't say if they're related to the NY Katz Deli. They seem to share their logo and menu items with the Houston Katz's Maybe one of the other CHs out here will know.

              I hope I didn't oversell the sandwich. There was plenty of meat, and I think it will satisfy the flavor craving. But, I've seen foods on tv that were the sort that inspired a pilgrimage to a food mecca, and this is not that.

              You know, you and mkwng are both right about foods in Austin. There is a lot of good food here, and there's also a lack of "legendary" food. I've lived in Austin for just three years now, and have had an awful lot of mediocre meals served by surly waitstaff. But, there are plenty of hidden gems too.

              I identified with your comment about wanting to be part of something historical. An institution. I watch Food Network all the time, and when I saw Rachael Ray drive out to Driftwood to go to Salt Lick, I'd just been living here a short time, and decided I HAD to go there. We went. It was a miserable two hour wait outside. And the food was terrible. It might have been ok, but it was a bigger disappointment because of the buildup and the long wait. I wanted Salt Lick to be that "mecca", but it wasn't.

              On the upside, in between finding an awful lot of mediocre, every now and then we stumble upon something really tasty. Sometimes on the recommendations from CHs, sometimes on our own. Those are happy days.

              I've noticed a lot of CHs looking for "authentic" food, like mkwng pointed out. Maybe that's because there are so many transplants here in Austin, wanting a taste of home. I've never been to Italy, nor had Italian food from NY. But, before I moved here, I'd had good homemade pasta made by an Italian family-owned restaurant, and I was searching for something like that. I went to some pretty bad places, and some that were ok, but not good enough to satisfy my craving. I got tired of being disappointed and (silently) lamented there was no good Italian in Austin. (Because I don't want to be *that* person who complains all the time). I finally found the place that satisfies my craving, and comes closest to what I was looking for. It's not better than my favorite restaurant back home. And it won't make PBS's "Italian That You'll Love". But, it's very, very good. It took a long time, but now I'm happy.

              I hope you find your beef! (hee hee)

              1. re: stephanieh

                The Katz's in Austin and Katz's Delicatessen in NYC are in no way related.

                1. re: stephanieh

                  So, not to start a whole new argument about Italian food (even though it probably will), what is the restaurant you are talking about? I'm dying to know!

                  1. re: Allison L.

                    I'm glad you asked! I really like Gino's (on Mays St in Round Rock). It's a neighborhood mom and pop type restaurant, as opposed to someplace upscale that you only go on special occasions, but I like a casual place that's got good food and you can go whenever you feel like it.

                    Their pasta isn't homemade, but it's good, and they cook it properly. I had ravioli once that tasted like it might have been frozen, but I usually get the tortellini and I love it. I'm partial to their alfredo sauce, but have also had the red sauce and both are really delicious! My husband always gets the combo platter (lasagna, chicken parmegiana, and fettucine), which is a good deal at $8.99 (lunch) and $14.99 (dinner). We get full there, the food's good, and they're friendly.

                    Here's the website...

              2. re: stephanieh

                I have to second stephanieh's endorsement of the Yankee Pot Roast sandwich at Katz's. It's more like something you'd make at home with leftovers, than a cold cut deli sandwich. Not legendary, but hearty and good.
                Maybe that won't satisfy scoutaustin's PBS-inspired cravings, however. I've seen the PBS shows on sandwiches and hot dogs and they make me wish I were in that city, right at that moment.

              3. Check the Austin Chronicle for the "best of". I thinkk their reader voted Arby's as the best RB sandwich in town.

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                  1. re: singlemalt

                    i'm a little suspicious of Austin Chronicle's "best of" picks.......i won't go into detail.......let's just say i've heard some things.

                    But okay, i'll pass along the Arby's suggestion.

                    1. re: singlemalt

                      Yikes - this thread shows the dearth of great sandwiches in Austin.

                      I am still hunting for a good french dip in Austin. I suspect my problem links back to the "no good bread in Austin' theme.

                      1. re: Daisy L

                        Here are five more sandwiches that didn't even make my first post:

                        ricotta w/fig, black pepper & agave tartine at Blue Dahlia Bistro
                        hot ham & swiss at TJ's Hickory Honey Hams (get it with their homemade sweet & spicy mustard)
                        the Mopac or Longhorn at the Whole Foods flagship
                        roast chicken wrap at Phoenicia (I'd drive miles for that garlic sauce)
                        And finally, roast pork w/Italian peppers at Hog Island Deli (I know I already picked them above, but this recent daily special was a complete revelation. If they ever have it on the menu when you go, don't hesitate, order it).

                        1. re: Daisy L

                          My husband raves about the French dip at Houston's.

                          1. re: bookgrrl72

                            MannyHattans is pretty good, if expensive. Best though is Jimmy John's--spend $1.79 for extra meat if you like it piled high.

                            1. re: Pinedaspinata

                              I don't know if this is really Hound worthy, but honestly, sometimes I just get a craving for the Beefeater at Jason's Deli. It's their french roll piled with tons of deli-roast beef (not pink though) and topped with provolone I think, served with a side of (what I'm sure is not real) Au-Jus. It's not the most authentic thing in the world, or even the best, but sometimes it just hits a certain spot for me, you know what I mean?

                              1. re: foodiegal71

                                I second the French dip at Houstons. Way overpriced, but definitely yummy. I have them add cheese. I love roast beef sandwiches, and must say that the roast beef they user at Jersey Mike's is always pink and perfect.