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May 16, 2008 01:47 PM

NYC Harbor Cruise Dining: Chow Worthy?

Has anyone ever dined on World Yacht or Spirit of New Jersey, two lines that offer NYC harbor cruises with dinner service? My Mom turns 70 this Summer, and she expressed interest in doing something like this. Just fearful that the food might be terrible. Thank you.

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  1. Don' t do it! Food is terrible.

    1. I went on a World Yacht cruise a few years back with a cousin whose parents had asked if we would check it.out What I thought was that the food was about what you would expect at a mediocre catering hall. There was a revue type floorshow that gave me a headache. Most surprising, is that the windows really don't allow for much of a view- which I thought was the point of the whole thing. To really appreciate the skyline drifting by you need to go out on the deck- which could be very windy.
      That said, mostof the people on board were middle aged or older and seemed to enjoy themselves. For someone of your mother's generation they might enjoy it. If your Mom isn't much of a foodie and likes Broadway style revues it might just fit the bill.

      1. If you really want a cruise go to the blues cruise or the cafe Wha cruise, it's a lot more entertaining. The food is just o.k but it makes for a fun night with good music

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          I went on the Cafe Wha cruise last summer. We had lots of fun dancing to the band and the DJ however, we didn't buy the food on the boat as it looked like street fair food, but without the street fair price. I would never take a 70 yr old on that cruise--it's a floating club with loud musc for the 21-40yr old crowd--it is a foodless bare bones party boat--period. The drinks ain't great either, and don't let me get into the bathroom situation...

        2. The food on the cruise is nothing to remember. But considering your mom who is 70 expressed interest in it, I think you should definitely take her. Let her dance her little heart away and enjoy the views. Sometimes its not about the food...