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May 16, 2008 01:43 PM

Italian or steak dinner in nova

For a graduation celebration of 8 people.

We will be coming from Falls Church, but can drive. We would like the stick to Nova.

Italian and steak are the grad's faves!

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  1. While Ray's The Steaks in Rosslyn has the best steak in my opinion in NOVA there is often a wait, and I don't know how large of parties they hold. Sette Bello in Clarendon has nice Italian food, and I believe they do larger parties often. You might think about Willow they have a steak dish that is very good, and other good things too. I am not really good with the Falls Church area... Argia's is nice, but sometimes hit or miss so you might not want to chance it for graduation? The Ruth Chris in Crystal City has a great view over the city which is kind of celebratory. They aren't my favorite steak, but they are definitely good. Anyway good luck.

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      As said, with their reservations policy, Ray's is probably not the way to go. I had my bday dinner at Sette Bello a couple years ago and they were great with a large party, and the food is very nice (sometimes the portions are a little small if you're hearty eaters, but that's not across the board).

    2. in Tysons:

      Big Chains:

      Capital Grille
      Ruth's Chris

      Brazilian: Chima

      You also have the Steakhouse in Ritz, JR Stockyard and Wildfire.

      1. There's now a Ruth's Chris on Rte 7 just west of Tysons Corner that would be much more convenient than the Crystal City location, but I agree about the view from the Crystal City restaurant. (Note: There's no Clarendon location for Ruth's Chris.)

        Once you're considering driving to Crystal City, you might want to consider Cucina Vivace on 23rd Street. This place serves excellent, authentic Italian food. I frequently see a large table created at the back of the restaurant for groups of approximately eight.

        1. Italian has to go to Landini Bro's, and steaks to Ray's the Steaks. This much in life I am sure of.

          1. We took our small grad party to Brio's Tuscan Grille at Tyson's Corner last night. Good food and service.