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May 16, 2008 01:38 PM

Liverwurst vs. braunschweiger?

Could somebody please clue me in to what the difference is between these two products. I have examined the packaging for both, and the ingredients seem to be pretty much identical. Since both products are made by several companies...there must be some difference.

Help, please!

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    1. The both sound and look pretty much alike, but to me the Braunschweiger has a stonger flavor. I love it on buttered rye with sliced onion, salt and pepper. Mmmm

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      1. re: ChrisOC

        That is how I like it, sometimes with a good mustard also! Most definitely the buttered rye and onion and salt and pepper!

      2. When I worked in a deli, I was told that the main difference in the US is that braunschweiger is smoked and liverwurst is not.

        1. As a lover of liver sausages, I find that they quite simply vary from brand to brand. Some are revolting in their overly fatty content.

          Try several brands. Read the label for descending inclusion of pork liver, pork, pork fat, bacon. Read for percent calories from fat.

          Try them side by side, in both cold and room temperature conditions. If cold, the fatty ones will be harder to slice.

          German delis may offer a range for sampling. Again, you can read the label if you ask.

          Spicing and smoking make a difference. Mace is a classic component in some traditional recipes.

          I've considered taking the next step into the Braunschweiger Epiphany, which would be to order a sampling shipment of the full range from Usingers in Milwaukee. (Other BraunHounds may suggest other manufacturers with an equivalent range of products... Please do so).

          Bottom line: try a few types, find the one you like the best. And if you please, share the results of your quest.

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          1. re: FoodFuser

            What do you think of Schaller & Webber? Their calves liverwurst was the fattiest I've seen, but pretty good none the less


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              schaller and weber make a nice wurst with goose liver and fat, too.
              steinpilz, i miss your old avatar! but this new one is good, too: raptors rule!

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                Thanks alkapal, I like the Avengers but came to find having an avatar of "someone else" annoying and was ready for a change. So maybe I'll like a red-tailed hawk better. I think it is a great pic and there's a red-tailed hawk I often see where I live.