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May 16, 2008 01:34 PM

Dinner tonight Kumo, Katana, or Koi?

Taking a client out to dinner. What would be the best for food and ambiance. Been to Katana, and once to Koi. Havent heard too much about Kumo.

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  1. Kumo is more lowkey and quiet and more condusive for conducting business while Katana and Koi are incrediby sceney and loud. Katana has an incredible patio which overlooks Sunset and in this weather, is probably perfect for a summer night. As for food, Kumo wins hands-down for me. Katana does have more cooked food selection and the robata bar which I think is overpriced (very small but tasty skewers for about $14 a piece as I recall).

    1. Have you konsidered Kula, Kiriko, K-Zo or Katsuya?

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        Kula's definitely a great suggestion, assuming Century City is an option!