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May 16, 2008 01:26 PM

good food in southern new jersey

Help please....I'll be driving 2 Italian gentlemen around southern new jersey, trying to sell farm equipment. I do NOT want them to starve...nor do I want to feed them chain-food. I'd appreciate any suggestions. By the way, what is the deal with all the BYOB????? Thanks!

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  1. Are you coming to Cumberland County?

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      We've got appointments in Richwood, Hammonton & Vineland so far...not sure if that is near Cumberland County.

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        Richwood is near Glassboro. Perhaps Chengdu 1, 880 N.Delsea Dr.Glassboro,NJ 08028(Doubletree Shopping Center), 856-589-8898? I don't know much about eats in Glassboro. You'll also be near Washington Twp. Others may have some good recs. for there.

        Just south on Rt. 55 about 15 miles is Rt. 40. Go East on Rt. 40 to Andrea's Trattoria, 1883 Harding Hwy, Newfield, NJ 08344 (856) 697-8400 which is close to Vineland. It's Italian, but Andrea is from Naples and speaks Italian. If you'll be there for lunch, there may be others I'd also recommend.

        Fiesta Mexicana in Hammonton is a great choice. It's the only one that I've mentioned that's not BYOB. I never noticed if they have wine. Great selection of Mexican beer and Margheritas.

    2. If you are near Westmont try Giumarello's its a great classy place that has gotten great reviews.

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      1. Can you define Southern? That would assist greatly in giving references.
        The deal with all the BYOB restaurants is that there is a limited amount of liquor licenses available and they sell to the highest bidder. The two most expensive liquor licenses in NJ recently sold in Cherry Hill. One for $1.5 million, another for 1.75 mil. So the only people that can afford liquor licenses in some towns are chain restaurants. Also, many other towns are dry, which means you can bring your own in, but you can't purchase liquor in that particular town. These two reasons are why there are so many BYOB places here in S. Jersey.

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          I grew up in a dry county in Tennessee and I've spent time in Utah...I thought I'd seen all manner of crazy liquor laws. Live and learn. $1.5 mil just to pour Yellow tail???? Supply and demand really must be out of whack up there. By southern NJ, I mean the area around Richwood, Deptford, Hammonton. We've got appointments in those places so far.

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            In Hammonton, Fiesta Mexicana has very good Mexican food. It's on the main street (Route 206), right in the middle of town. There is supposed to be a good Italian restaurant right near there, but I don't think I would be taking Italians from Italy to Italian American restaurants. (JMO)
            Hammonton has a large Mexican population, due to the farming industry there, so the food is pretty authentic at Fiesta Mexicana.

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              I travel to Italy fairly frequently and have many friends in the North and South.Almost unanimously they have not wanted to eat Italian food while in the USA,and if they have,they were dissapointed.Also for various reasons Chinese has not been favorably received? I have taken friends to the best bistros in Manhattan and to BBQ joints and Jersey Diners (Franks - Asbury Park ).The latter two were the most enjoyable as it gave them a unique American experience regardless of the lower Budget. Mexican may be another way to go.Good luck.

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                Well, for BBQ there's Fat Jack's in Sewell. I don't know of any diners, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. There is a diner just north of High St. on Main St. in Glassboro that seems popular and looks like an authentic small town diner. I've never eaten there. Andrea's isn't just Italian; great salads, fish, veggies. I'd also say his Italian is not the Italian-American that's so common in S. Jersey

        2. I'll echo those who suggest staying away from the Italian restaurants, but if you decide to go that route anyway, you might try Joe Italiano's Maplewood Inn on Route 30 in Hammonton, not far from the hospital. I've always enjoyed my meals there. And while I don't particularly enjoy Mexican food, La Fiesta Mexicana on Twelfth Street is certainly popular. They must be doing something right!