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May 16, 2008 12:39 PM

Baton Rouge - need recommendations

Baton Rouge - need recommendations
Will be in Baton Rouge for several weeks on business. Scan of this board and South board only comes up with four recommendations - Chimes, DiJulio's, Pinetta's and Kiva's. Have tried Chimes and it's great, but we can't eat there twice a day every day.

Am looking for good food at reasonable cost and am open to any cuisine. Please tell me it's out there.


note ~ I also posted on the South board.

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  1. I like Juban's, Flemings, Bonefish, Ruffino's, Sullivan's, as well as Kiva's and DiGuilio's. Not sure about Pinetta's as I have never eaten there - just walked in once and it is very small and dark. Check out the restaurants around Towne Center and Perkins Rowe. Good luck!

    1. I believe Mike Anderson's is still there. It's been a long time but I loved it way back when when I worked there. Was excellent seafood back then. Has anyone been recently. This was his first, now has 4, must still be doing stuff right.

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        I had one of the--if not THE--worst dining experience of my life at Mike Anderson's. They "force" a wait in order to get people in to the bar to drink and have appetizers. By the time people get to eat they are so hungry that any food is considered good and b/c they see all of these people waiting for a table they assume that the dining must be incredible.
        The first time we went we waited about an hour and the food was decent but not any thing spectacular and nothing I would recommend. About a year later we were back in BR. I was not eager to return but some in a group wanted to go so we did. We waited two hours for a table that was supposed to be ready in 30 minutes. When we were finally seated and tried to order we were informed that half the menu was not available. I placed my order along w/ every one else's at the table and after an eternity every one else was served. I was told my dinner would be ready shortly. I encouraged every one else to eat and it was a good thing b/c just about the time every one else was finished the waitress returned to tell me that I would have to order another dish as what I had ordered was unavailable. I did so and long after every one else was finished the waitress brought my food to me. It was not very good and cold to boot. Some one in our party happened to find a slip of paper on the floor near our table telling the waiters not to push what I had originally ordered b/c it took too long to prepare and the kitchen did not feel like making the dish.
        I complained to the manager who was just this side of drunk so that went no where. I sent a letter of complaint to the restaurant when we got home and am still waiting--over four years later--for a response.
        Needless to say I can not and will not recommend Mike Anderson's to any one and strongly encourage people to avoid it at all costs.

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          eeeek, not good at all. As mentioned, I haven't been there in quite a while. I loved it back then, loved their recipes but that's when Mike himself was almost doing everything, standing side by side with his chefs. He must be taking a back seat. I know what it's like to own a business and heavily rely on employees to represent me and my philosophies.

      2. There is an excellent Indian restaurant (I think called, simply, India Restaurant) on Essen between I-10 and I-12. Far better than any indian place in New Orleans (that's not saying much, of course-- but it's very good, very fresh). Albasha lebanese food has several locations around and was decent, light, and inexpensive.

        I never had the sushi at Tsunami, but the rooftop patio for drinks was very pretty.

        We ate at Whole Foods a lot while we were evacuated there.

        1. Juban's is good. Brandt's Maisonette on Government Street. I think Carabba's has good Italian food, not to rival New York but I really like it. Zea's, which is a New Orleans restaurant, just opened in the Towne Center. An interesting local place is Sammy's on Highland Road. In my opinion, Serop's has the best Lebanese food and there are a lot of Lebanese restaurants in Baton Rouge. Serop's was the original. French Market Bistro on Highland Road is also good. Stay away from Galatoire's. The Baton Rouge location is lousy. DeAngelo's for pizza. Another Broken Egg for breakfast - just breakfast. Portobellos is not bad. Best sushi, imo, is Sushi Yama on Perkins Road. Try the Hawaiian Seafood Salad.

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            lexpatti, Mike Anderson's is great. Thanks for recommending. Don't care for India (but that might just be me), but I agree on Albasha. Good and large portions too.

            Had dinner tonite at DiGuilio's. The trout with brown butter and gop (garlic olive-oil pasta) was delicious. Noisy, local, bar crowd but really good food. Lots of specials.

          2. Jubans is an excellent choice as well as Mansur's on Corporate Blvd. Both on the expensive side.

            The Chimes East on Coursey is one of my favorites too, but the crowds at dinner time can be daunting. Raw oysters are 30 cents from 4 to 7 and all day on Tuesday.

            Drusilla Seafood has all-you-can-eat boiled shrimp on Tuesdays and catfish on Mondays. Also try the trout amandine. Mike Andersen's has always been a little too noisy for my taste, more like a tailgate party than a dining experience.

            I also eat regularly at Rick's Cafe Americain, which also has all-you-can-eat boiled shrimp on Mondays and Tuesdays.

            Serop's is still tops in my book for Lebanese cuisine. Their hummus is my gold standard of measurement. Their flagship location is the one on Corporate Blvd. Be cautioned that it does not have a full bar, but does serve wine and beer. I don' t think the one on Perkins ever was able to get any liquor license at all.

            Kiva's recently announced that they're closing if they haven't already done so. I'd avoid it. It's also very expensive.

            On Government Street, across the street from each other, are Superior Grill and Byronz Bistro. Superior is my favorite Mexican restaurant in town. The bar can be kind of a meat market with the after-work crowd on weekdays. Byronz offers what I would describe as comfort food in very pleasant surroundings.

            With the exception of Juban's and Mansur's, these are all moderately priced restaurants. The national chains mentioned by others are all here so I've tried to focus on locally-owned restaurants.

            Enjoy your stay in Baton Rouge.