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May 16, 2008 12:22 PM

Help! In search of girls night place in Baltimore

My friends and I are in search of a new place for dinner, drinks and wine in Baltimore. We live in the federal hill area and have been to the local places a thousand times. We are looking for a fun restuarant in the city that has a great atmosphere and good food. We are interested in any new suggestions in the fed hill area (we know cross street area very well) We are interested in ventureing out in the city also.

Any thoughts? Hopeing to find some places for tonight?

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  1. Salt, Pazo, Tapas Teatro, Jacks,Nasu Blanca

    1. Have you been to Junior's Wine Bar yet? It is reasonable and has a lot of great wine.

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        I'd also suggest Pazza Luna and Lucas Cafe in Locust Point.