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May 16, 2008 12:07 PM

tell me...WHAT is wrong with the Barking Crab?

My sister apparently ate there last summer. and she is DYING to eat there this summer as well when she visits. I am curious as I can not remember how long ago it was that I ate there.

What exactly is wrong with the place? and when did you have this experience? I always read the complaints but not sure WHAT they are (aside from the guys who discovered the kitchen closed early) . I am going to have to go there. what should I be warned about? and maybe I can convince her otherwise....

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  1. I ate there last summer. It was fine. Nothing amazing but perfectly serviceable, and my Alabama-based relatives loved it. I had the crabcake which was OK. Most of my family went for cleams - steamers and fried and they devoured them. My one complaint is that the place is loud, but that's no surprise. The out-of-towners raved about the setting, which is why I brought them there, so that worked out fine.

    1. Oh please don't open this can of worms again. Some people hate this place, others like it. There are many posts on the cleanliness, the touristiness, etc. already. My own experience is that it's been quite useful for a beverage after the ICA, but if I want to eat in the neighborhood I'll usually head to Sel de la Terre.

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        1. The place is a dump and the owner is a jerk. I used to live on Sleeper Street and the first time I checked out the crab, the bartender pointed to the owner and told me that he lived in my building. I introduced myself and told him we were new neighbors, and he looked at me like, "So what?" You really need to lower your expectations when you go there. Many people recommend this place when posters are looking for water views, wrong!!! There's no view. It's dingy, dirty and downright divey, and it's in the middle of no -man's land. I also think the food sucks.

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            The only time I ever went there was with my son for lunch 2 summers ago when he was working across the street; he only had an hour for lunch and after being seated fairly quickly and ordering our lunch, we waited for about 45 minutes with no food while others who were seated after us received their food. Realizing he was going to be late, we told them that we could no longer wait and I got him a lobster roll at Hooks. Maybe it was a good thing that we didn't eat there but I later wrote a letter to the owner with my complaints and predictably, he never responded. I will never be back.

            1. re: PJ Mac BJ

              I'd agree w/ the lack of a's a tiny channel surrounded by big buildings. People just think it's cute to eat "on the water"...

              1. re: Spike

                I definitely wouldn't consider it a foodie destination but understand the appeal...drinking pitchers of beer on a barge in the harbor on a hot summer night is festive and fun. That being said, I made the mistake of being somewhat adventurous the first time i ordered food there... their steamed mussels and crab legs, ugh never again.. just stick to the fried stuff...

              2. re: PJ Mac BJ

                The only way you get a halfway decent view there is if you get a table right at the water's edge. Otherwise, you look out at the underside of the bridges and piers within low trajectory eyesight.

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