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May 16, 2008 12:06 PM

Seattle - Pike Market Place - Cheap Eats - Hate Salmon

Looking for good cheap eats Lunch or Dinner in Pike Market Place area. Anything with in a few blocks is OK, walking distance. I like most any food, love all seafood/fish except Salmon.

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  1. Lunch counter at Jack's Fish Spot.

    El Puerco Lloron on the hill climb.

    Emmett Watson's.

    All three close early (by 7) with the rest of the market, so dinner's tougher.

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      Mee Sum for Pork Hum Bao. Cheap, filling, tasty, cheap. World Class Chili behind/below Delaurenti's. Across the street from the fabled Jack's and very near Uli's is the Market Grill, where you can get a good Halibut sandwich. Ten bucks may not qualify as cheap, but it will definitely qualify as good. El Puerco Lloron for sure. If you are up for an oyster moment, Elliott's Oyster House has an oyster happy hour. Get there at 3:00 when the oysters are 50 cents each and order up a few dozens for the group. They go up by 20 cents each on the half-hour until they regain their usual steepness. At Jack's, have a cup of cioppino - fresh fresh fish and market vegetables.

    2. Uli's grills sausage sandwich's to order in Pike Place Market. Simple and yummy.
      Also, Le Pichet is close by and has no salmon.

      1. we're a fan of pike place chowder for a quick meal, especially for lunch. I'd also second World Class Chili - that place is great as a hearty lunch, especially during winter.

          1. I second Pike Place Chowder, especially the Bisque chowder and a surprisingly 'great' vegan chowder - it doesn't taste like much is being 'compromised'. Great setting as well and hence, usually busy. Outdoor seating a plus

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              the vegan chowder is fantastic. it is what makes me keep wanting to go back. There's a coupon in the Entertainment Book as well, if you have one of those.