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May 16, 2008 12:04 PM

Bundt Pan -- Recommendations?

Which brand/make of bundt pan is best best? Do I need to spend more $$ to get better results?

I've noticed that the price can range from $15 to $40. That is, is it worth it for me to plunk down $40 for a cast aluminum one like the new Nordic Ware 60th Anniversary "Original" cake pan? I prefer the classically shaped cakes and this pan sure looks nice.

TIA, Hounds!

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  1. I have a 45 year old Nordic Ware bundt pan that used to belong to my mom. I just love that pan. Assuming a good recipe and proper technique, all the cakes I bake in this pan come out beautiful and delicious. It browns really nicely, bakes evenly and if greased properly, I have no problems with cakes releasing from it. It's one of my treasured possessions.

    1. I'll second flour girl. I've found if I spend for better-known quality pans, they last me forever. I don't like to spend for the ingredients if I can't use good pans. That said I don't know if what's out there now is made as well as it was years ago.

      1. Thanks for the input, flourgirl and Judi0044. I believe the Nordic Ware Anniversary pan to which I refer is a replica of the ones made originally -- probably like the 45 year-old one you have, flourgirl.

        I never baked before but now that I have kids, I would like to start doing so more. My daughter started kindergarten this year and already, I've had to bake several times for birthday parties and school fundraiser bake sales. I've been using borrowed bakeware so far but I think it's time to build up my own collection of quality bakeware.

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          Bundt is a trademark of NordicWare. All of their stuff is good quality.

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            I've found Nordicware pans for under $20 at TJMaxx fairly regularly and have gotten a couple for myself as well as some for gifts. They're nice, easy to use - I suggest using baking spray with flour to grease the nooks and crannies. If I had a kindergartener I would go for the castle pan! Have fun!

        2. Update:

          I decided to invest in the $40 cast iron pan and LOVE it! It has good heft to it as the walls are much thicker and the handles at the sides make picking up the pan much easier. My first bundt cake came out beautifully.

          One thing to note, though. Because the walls on this pan are thicker, heat is retained better so I had to reduce the baking time by a few minutes.