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May 16, 2008 11:46 AM

30th birthday restaraunt/ maybe room rental for ~15? (Bos)


I am planning to throw a get together for my girlfriends 30th birthday. I know she would really enjoy it if our closest friends and family got together at a classy place in Boston for the evening. One thing I'm struggling with is what place is classy, yet sort of known for renting out a function room where I can order large amounts of food at my cost but people will be able to order dinner for themselves as well? Has anyone thrown or attended something for ~15 and 20 in the city like this? I would love to hear any ideas people have. I am also not tied to the approach of renting a room or anything like that. I really just want it to feel nice and not be either stuffy or cheesy.



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  1. classy with all of that may be hard.

    Questions for you: do you want a sit down dinner? or are you open to a mix of apps and then if people want more they can order on their own? this would not be formal seating but lounge seating?

    what are you envisioning? a gathering area with light food and cocktails, fallowed by a sit down dinner where people order on their own?

    what day of the week and time? To ask a kitchen to pump out 20 dishes at one time for one table, will determine the time you can eat. not many kitchens can handle that during peak eating hours.

    define classy a bit more. Formal? trendy? just not a dive?

    I have alot of places in mind, but please define for me.

    1. We did our wedding dinner (22 people) at Capitol Grill on Newbury St. We did not get a fully private room, but a semi-private one off the end of the main dining room (they have a fully private room but as I recall it is a bit larger, for 40 or so people, and came with a minimum charge of $3000, probably more now as that was a couple of years ago).

      The food was great, we had our own dedicated waitstaff, they brought out menus with no prices and people could order whatever they liked. I had also preselected both a red and white wine and told them to just keep on opening bottles as long as people wanted more, and they were very careful to finish each bottle before opening another so there was no waste. It wasn't cheap (I think it ended up being about $150 per person with tip and all), but it was worth it. And of course, this being Capitol Grill, everyone went home with a doggie bag.

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        "do you want a sit down dinner? or are you open to a mix of apps and then if people want more they can order on their own? this would not be formal seating but lounge seating?.....what are you envisioning? a gathering area with light food and cocktails, fallowed by a sit down dinner where people order on their own?"

        This would be Saturday (6/22) night 7pm.

        I want to avoid doing a house party because we just did that for my party (thrown by her) where she cooked, etc. That party can not be topped. I feel like we've done every idea for each other already and all that's left is a birthday function at a restaurant. Her and I tend to enjoy steakhouses and nice dinners when its just the two of us.

        What I am thinking is perhaps start out in a room somewhere that features cocktails with a good wine and bourbon/whiskey/scotch selection and have mixture of apps laid out as starters. Then we could move to a sit down room set aside for us to have a good meal. Not too dark of a room. We'd want a chance to stand up and move around the table(s) and talk, but the goal is also very good food and wine to be served. Definitely thinking more on the line of business casual, not too trendy that it turns into a night club. Definitely looking above the Boylston bar options. I tend to think of the ncie steakhouse environment here...perhaps along the lines of Ruths Chris but more fun, or along the lines of Capital Grille but maybe just not so steep on the wallet. Is there a meeting in the middle for what I'm talking about?

        Also for what it's worth, my inate problem with this idea is I have done 2 bachelor parties where the feature dinner was just like this and was done at a steakhouse. So it's sort of the only thing that comes to mind that I know works well, but that was with a large group of guys and I wonder if it's too 'bachelor party' oriented.

        I am 100% open to names of places or anything you've heard about to help steer my thoughts. I plan on calling up the managers of places I land on to discuss things directly to see what they say. THANKS!!

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          well if steak the fisr thing that comes to mind it MOO, mainly cause of that private wine cage area. the other place that comes to mind in sonsie cause they have that cool wine private area as well.

          28 degrees, I have been to a birthday party there where we had the far lounge for apps and cocktails, but then went to the large community table in the middle section for sit down dinner. that may be too trendy/night club/loud

          I have not been to Johnnys , formally anthem, so I can not speak to their food or how their event staff is since they are new, but I had been to many private functions at anthem and the space for it is awesome!

          are you open to ethnic options, or wanna stick with American style?

        2. I have attended a 30th at Fig's in Charlestown. They have a private back room that is very cozy. I think their maximum is around 25? We had it set up with buffet style salads and apps and then they brought out pizza. I believe you could have chosen to have it sit down if you wanted. Price per person is all you can eat, which is nice!!

          I have also attended a party at Bricco in the North End. We were put in the upstairs room that has a good size bar. They set up appetizers on the bar for us and then we were seated for dinner. Everyone had a great time and the food was delicious. It was nice to be seperate from all the other diners downstairs too.

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            Both Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. and The Met in Chestnut Hill have private rooms and seperate bar areas. I've attended parties at both and had a great time and a good meal.

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              Eastern Standard would be a great option.