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May 16, 2008 11:40 AM

Kosher food Anchorage and Vancouver

We are leaving for Anchorage, from La Guardia NY, in June, one night before a cruise and just found out that American Airlines no longer offers Kosher meals on our flights. We will be traveling via Dallas with a very short window., total trip about 11 hours, then about 18hours in Anchorage.

Any suggestions on food for trip and in Anchorage?

At the end we will be in Vancouver for Shabbos, any ideas for good food in Vancouver, it would be great if they would deliver as we won't have a car. We will do taxis if necesary

Thank you for any suggestions.

PS any one run into the lack of kosher food on airplanes recently?

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  1. Where are you staying for that one night. There is little kosher food in Anchorage - what little I can think of is so basic matzoh ball soup at the Downtown Deli.....Your best bet may be to put in special request at hotel where you are staying depending on the restaurant assocaited with it. There are some better restaurants that do accaomadate such requests I believe - I'll as my Jewish friend - he's not strict at all but his mom would know. If you know where you will be for that night in Anch- I can better help.

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      You can contact Chabad of Anchorage for some help.


      And maybe I am missing the sarcasm but were you really expecting food on the plane?

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        I'm not the original poster, but there's a trend recently of not serving meals on cross-country trips that would certainly have had them a few years ago. Instead, they serve a 'snack,' usually some sort of sandwich, chips, and beverage, for which there's no kosher option. But yes, I was disappointed when a few months ago, Delta only served this 'snack' with no kosher option on an LA-NY flight.

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          They really have not served meals, let alone kosher meals on domestic flights for years unless you were flying first class or continental. Most airlines will throw some peanuts at you and some have a BOB (Buy on Board) option. Unfortunately, the only kosher option is usually some cookies or M & M's.

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        Thank you I'll be staying at the Inlet hotel

      3. This link to BC Kosher should help you with Vancouver (my hometown). They will definitely be able to help you with Alaska as many cruise ships go to Alaska from Vancouver. Have a great trip!

        1. Don't listen to the posters on this board, you won't have trouble getting Kosher food! There are two supermarkets in Anchorage that carry reasonably large amounts of Kosher food - one is Natural Pantry (not sure if this name is correct, but I think so) - they carry meat, cheese, fresh produce and lots of nonperishables. The other is the big supermarket chain, whose name I don't recall.

          I survived an entire summer in Alaska with the help of these supermarkets! You can easily make all sorts of dishes with a very simple amount of preparation - either in a microwave, using a burner of a stove, or double wrapped in an oven. Of course, if your idea of Kosher food is totally prepared, you will need to bring those self-heating meals with you. Be a little adventurous, eat lots of fresh salads, and enjoy your time in the most beautiful spot in North America! By the way, if you can get out of town, you will find that Alaska really comes alive in the small towns, not the big cities. I loved Talkeetna, the city that "Northern Exposure" is based upon. Calling it a city is an exaggeration - there are only 300 residents. If you get there, check out the Talkeetna hostel and tell Holli, the proprietress, that Rebecca sent you. You'll love it.

          Chabad is helpful with Shabbat, but does get a bit overwhelmed in the summer, so please call ahead and make sure to give them a generous donation - they do a huge service to the community.



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            It is Natural Pantry. I assumed they were looking to dine out. We do have lots of kosher food - just no true kosher restaurant. Certainly none that adhere to all kosher preperation areas. Even those that sereve kosher items - don't keep utensils seperate etc.. If it is dining out you are looking for let me know your price range. THe restaurant in your hotel used to be a decent meal with a few good items. It has recently changed its name and I don't know if it has kept the level of food and service. If they did - they wrere the kind of place that with notice could take care of you, minus - seperate prep areas etc.... couple of other places in town would special order you for extra of course but.....When I worked at Alyeska hotel we had items that were ok -= for all but the most strict. Enjoy your trip -