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May 16, 2008 11:35 AM

Sensational Soft Shell Crabs-Boston

'Tis the season.

I thoroughly enjoyed the "Cangrejo" ($11) special at Toro last night.

"Tempura fried soft shell crabs with espuma of warm tartar sauce"

Nice light batter.

Fried perfectly.

Homemade tartar sauce whipped with liquid from cornichons and caper berries was very good and not too light.

The sea salt and lemon zest finish made for a great combination of flavors and textures.

Have you tried any soft shell crab dishes that you recommend?

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  1. Some of us use a lot of initials...:)

    Peach Farm is in Chinatown and just started getting fresh ssc...lightly battered and salt/peppper/chili pepper stir fried.

    If you like soft shelled crab, these are not to be missed.

    I prefer "simpler" preparations for the crab..."Asian" style fried or sauteed in garlic butter.

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      I just got back from dinner at Rendezvous in Central Square (will post later) and I had their softshell crab appetizer which was delicious. My bf says he "couldn't imagine it tasting any better (unless it was a little spicier, but that's just me)."

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        Thanks for the mention that this was on the menu. I had it Saturday night. I was craving soft shells and I knew Steve Johnson would have it done well. I understand the soft shell crop is small in size this year. I had two small crabs with that delicious salad on the side - it felt like spring.

        Fried soft shell crab with a shaved asparagus & artichoke salad and lemony vinaigrette 14

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        I had a good app with one at Vee Vee -

      3. And then there were the SSC sandwiches at Courthouse a while back....

        1. I went to Sibling Rivalry last Weds and had an amazing ssc dish. Of course it's not listed on their website right now, but it was a lightly breaded ssc with homemade creamed corn. It also had 2 asian-style beef gyoza. Very tasty. I finished every last bite.

          1. Tonight, at Blue Room, I had the soft shell crab tempura fried with asian cabbage salad and cinnamon oil. The crab was perfectly fried and the cabbage salad was a nice acidic and slightly sweet counterpart. Yum!

            1. Has anyone had the Crab Combination Plate from Magnolia's Crab & Shrimp Festival menu?

              Crispy-fried Soft Shell Crab, honey-marinated Crab Fingers, Marland Crab Cakes,
              steamed Jonah Crab Claws and Crab Imperial - $ 23.95

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                Well, I came I saw I conquered - yum!

                It was a single soft shell crab, some cute mini 'crab fingers' that were reminiscent of frogs legs (by look, not by taste), a small single crab cake (packed with shredded crab), 2 hard shelled claws, and a mini dish of the very crab-ful crab imperial... along with a spoonful each of mashed potato and mashed sweet potato, and some mixed veggies. Good veggies. Yummy crab. I'd get it again.