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May 16, 2008 11:19 AM

Any Batali Restaurant- All Expenses Paid

I just got a gift certificate for dinner at any Batali restaurant, all expenses paid. Which one should I choose. Babbo or Del Posto or another? I would order a really nice bottle of wine and go with the tasting menus most likely and both menus look really good. I have been to Babbo two years ago, but only have one course. Del Posto, same thing.

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  1. babbo. no question in my mind
    and save room for desert.
    i like the tasting menu even though the waiter will try to disuade you.

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    1. re: emmenewyork

      Would you recommend the pasta tasting or regular tasting?

      1. re: offthebeatenpath1

        Get which ever one has fewer dessert courses. I don't remember which I had, but out of like nine courses, four of them were sweets.

        1. re: offthebeatenpath1

          I would definately go to Babbo and order the pasta tasting with the riserva wine pairing. Some will say it's alot of pasta, and it is, but it's really good, as is the regular tasting menu, but I like my pasta.

      2. Babbo- hands down. But I disagree about ordering the tasting menu. If someone else s paying order a'la carte Too many amazing dishes that are not on the tasting menu- like the calves foot, the pork chop (you wouldn't think that a pork chop could be capable of being so soectacular) - oIf there's two of you, one of you get the tasting menu and the othe a la'carte.

        1. just to throw this out there - if its really all expenses paid, why not go to del posto, get the grand tasting menu with accompanying wine - 300 a head, and then you'll have done it. the babbo tasting menus are so reasonably priced in comparison (70-75) that you could do that on your own and then you'll know firsthand which you prefer.

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          1. re: aahnnt

            That's a good point and what I am leaning toward. Babbo's tasting menus are very reasonably priced.

          2. Babbo + pasta tasting + riserva wines.
            I found del Posto pretentious and thefood underwhelming, although I didn't do the $300 extravaganza.