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hot dog san diego

Where can I find a good hot dog in San Diego?

I saw a show on the food network about hot dogs and now I can't stop thinking about them. Especially with homemade chili....

Is that hot dog chain any good? Weinersnitzel? I've never been.

Thanks CHOW!

- SG

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  1. The BEST Chicago style hot dog in town belongs to Windy City Beef in La Mesa. Family run joint in the Vons shopping center at Navajo and Fletcher Parkway. Dogs the way I grew up with, and an Italian Beef sandwich to die for. The owner roasts his own beef, and will sit and carve it all day in front of you. AMAZING food if you're craving a little bit of Chicago.

    1. You didn't say what style you like but the best Chicago hot dog is Chicago on A Bun near UTC. Perfect hotdogs--Vienna, Rosen Buns, real "sport peppers" etc. Good fries, and interesting homemade potato chips.

      I guess they now have one in RB and are coming to The Cajon.

      I just reviewed you request. Chili has no place on a hot dog or hamburger. Unless either is no good and needs to be covered up.

      No Weinerschnitzel, besides having a dumb name, is not good.

      1. I saw a No Reservations episode that featured Japadogs. They visited Canada and had them. Since we're talking about hot dogs. Does anyone know about these Japadogs?

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          saw that episode as well and boy, did those sound great!

        2. Best Chili Dogs- Woody's in Clairmont Square (Clairmont Blvd at Clairmont Mesa Blvd). It's a walk up only...next to the laundromat...can see the Krispy Kreme just across the driveway that goes into the parking lot (99ยข Only Store is on the other side of the Krispy Kreme).

          At Weinerschnitzel, I only get the All Beef dog (with chili/mustard/onions)...

          I don't like the flavor or consistency of Tommy's chili.

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            For those <i>do</i> like Tommy's, the one on Clairmont Mesa is clean and not too crowded.

            Tommy's Original World Famous
            7415 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

          2. The Linkery just had (or still does?) had a chili dog that was damned good. They rotate their sausages and menu so that might be out, but all of their sausages are fantastic.

            1. Chicago Dog in UTC/Renaissance is mighty good, and makes a solid chili dog. Also for a ballpark style hot dog, it's hard to beat Costco. However, avoid the hotdogs at Petco they're wretched.

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                wretched and severly overpriced!

              2. Depends on what you're looking for. The classic NY-style dog is not to be found here. Chicago style, the best I've had is at Lefty's in North Park. They do a char-grilled cheddar dog that is very tasty, if total trash cuisine.

                I was just down at Neighborhood, and saw they do a kosher dog with some kind of chipotle topping. Haven't heard anything about it, but if it's like their burgers it's probably really good.

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                  My friends swear by Lefty's in North Park.

                  For a Tijuana Hot Dog -- that's a hot dog wrapped and bacon and then grilled, Lucha Libre Tacos makes a good version I've been told.

                  The Linkery has been known to have these on the menu as well. I remember because my heart seized for a moment when I read it on their email.

                  1. re: Josh

                    A Chicago hot dog does not have cheddar or any other kind of cheese.

                    1. re: The Old Man

                      The char-cheddar dog is a variation of the Chicago-style hot dog that people from Chicago are very familiar with.


                      1. re: Josh

                        Certainly you can get it, but as a 40 year former resident I'll tell you only heathens get it. Just like you can get chili or bacon or god forbid ketchup on it--but it's simply immoral and is not to be called a "Chicago hot dog."

                        1. re: The Old Man

                          The people who own Lefty's are Chicago natives, FYI. I've gone there with former Chicago natives as well.

                          If you go to Lefty's and get the standard Chicago-style hot dog, it comes as it should. The char-cheddar is a variation of the style, sold as its own item.

                          The concept of "heathens" is as absurd to me in food as it is in anything else. It's only through trying new things that great new flavors get discovered. Karl Strauss for years had inferior beer to the other San Diego breweries because of their hidebound adherence to tradition. Fortunately, that's changed and now they're experimenting along with everyone else and producing great beer in the process.

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                            Josh..pulse on it..
                            Always enjoy your take on things!

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                              "If you go to Lefty's and get the standard Chicago-style hot dog, it comes as it should. The char-cheddar is a variation of the style, sold as its own item."

                              Gee, isn't that what I was saying, a real Chicago hot dog, as listed on their site does not have cheese on it but it is an option as you may find in some Chicago hot dog stands.

                              "The concept of "heathens" is as absurd to me in food as it is in anything else."

                              Hmm, I wonder if I was being a little tongue in cheek there? Good pulse--whatever that means.

                      2. re: Josh

                        what was the beer today Josh? did ya try the Alagash by any chance?

                        1. re: ibstatguy

                          Ballast Point's Even Keel session ale. I love that beer. 3.5%, and very well hopped. Perfect lunch beer in every way.

                      3. DH loves the Polish dogs at Costco for $1.50 with a soda..
                        There used to be a guy with a cart with dogs called Sabrett's..they were in Clairemont Mesa..don't know if they are still there..always busy.
                        I don't eat them but I wish you luck!

                        1. If you are ever in the La Jolla area, Jonathan's market has a grill out on a little fenced off area next to the parking lot daily from about 12 to 2 (a guess). They char grill brant burgers and Vienna hot dogs daily for lunch - pretty good quality.

                          1. There's a Nathan's at Westfield North County Mall.

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                              I do not get Nathan's at all. I have seen all the hype on the evil empire (TFN) and when my so and I were stuck in Jersy we spotted a Nathan's stand, and we thought allright. We ordered a couple and after the the first bite we looked at each other and both said "whats the big deal", not that they suck, but they really were not that good, even Orange Julius are better. So gimme my Costco dog. I will stay out of the above Chicago fight.

                            2. I usually just get the Niman Ranch hot dogs at Trader Joes and grill 'em at home.

                              Vienna, blech.

                              Gimme a Best Kosher Dog

                              That's Chicago style.

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                              1. re: Enorah

                                I like the snap of the casing and that is hard to find in San Diego, most carried are without the case. Most decent one I have found is Boars Head at Jonathans...but they are ridiculously skinny.

                                1. re: S2u

                                  I believe Chicago on The Bun, at the Renaissance Center, is the closest to a real Chicago hot dog in all of southern California.

                              2. Please don't go to der Weinersnitzel. It barely qualifies as food, much less a good hot dog. We went once because my husband wanted to try it, sonce we didn't have them back east. Instant regret. My corndog was cold in the middle. Yick.

                                1. HAve you tried costco. It is not elegant, and you have to ask for the kraut, but they are good.

                                  1. Go to Tommy's and get their chili in the pint form ($7?). but your fav hot dogs/sausage from the store.

                                    You CAN'T go wrong.

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                                    1. re: upstarter

                                      I think Tommy's Chili is an acquired or nostalgic taste. I grew up on Chili burgers (outside of LA) and my impression of Tommy's is similar to Maria Hunt of the SDUT when she reviewed Tommy's: "It's more of a flat-tasting meat paste flavored with chili powder."

                                      I agree with others here who've mentioned Viva Chicago and Chicago on a Bun, who are the best I've found for Chili dogs.

                                    2. There is a little place back in the corner of a little fast food mall on Miramar Rd.
                                      Viva Chicago,
                                      6780 Miramar Rd suite #103. San Diego, CA 92121 858-621-4923

                                      Great Chicago style dogs, with Vienna beef dogs, sport peppers and the weird green relish that really makes the dog. Also killer house made potato chips. I have to restrict myself from going there more than once a week.

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                                      1. re: araknd

                                        I've been here and liked it, but it as a tad expensive for what you get.