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Central NJ Ice Cream

This is a bi-state issue...

I saw a lot of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream stores have gone out of business in NY, especially in Westchester County. How are they doing in NJ?

As I go to NJ very often, can anyone give me some tips where to get non-overpriced, good tasting ice cream in Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset counties? I like Confectionarily Yours on Rt 27 and Halo Pub in Hamilton Square, but I'm looking for others that don't charge $6 for a small scoop. I used to love the love the Jahn's on 86 Street in Brooklyn and would love to find one like that in Jersey and near Phila.

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  1. Thomas Sweet in New Brunswick is awesome, but not sure if its overpriced or not. I think its worth it, and their milkshakes are da bomb.

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      Just got back from the Blarney Cone in Spring Lake that servers Thomas Sweet hard icecream and had my favorite which is plain old chocolate. Delicious and they are now open for the season. The only place around here that is better is Day's in Ocean Grove which servers Double Rainbow. Anyway, here's to a great summer of fun in the sun and of course icecream.

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        Thank you Jerzey Shore for always posting about this place - Day's Double Rainbow Chocolate ice cream has been on my list for SOOOO long.
        Finally made it today - DELICIOUS! Happy Dance!

    2. Try Colonia Dairy Maid on St. Georges Ave. in Colonia. They have 40 flavors, huge portions, and you won't be disappointed. It's very reasonable, and me and the fam try to go there at least once a week during the summer.

      1. The Cold Stone in East Windsor, NJ (Mercer County), abruptly went out of business after being open maybe a year. I've seen a few others go the same route. Don't see a good future for them!

        Gil & Bert's opened in Cranbury, NJ, on Main Street. Small place where you order at a window & eat outside, but good ice cream and good prices. The people that work there are very nice to boot. I get a kid's size for my son & it's $1.25. A one or two scoop is $3.25 or so, and LOADED!

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          Gil & Bert's opened for the season today. Same quality, same prices. Highly recommended.

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            It was nice to see them soooo busy!
            They had Cotton Candy Flavored Ice Cream on the menu today!

          2. i've always gone to halo pub in trenton
            Halo Pub
            (609) 586-1811
            4617 Nottingham Way
            Trenton, NJ 08690
            its old fashioned lookin on the inside and decorated with cows. they make their own ice cream and theres a whole lot of flavors. and dont be scared of the trenton location, its not really in trenton, totally suburb. also theres a halo pub in princeton.

            1. I agree with Halo Pub and Thomas Sweet- Princeton has locations of both as well.

              Also, in princeton- The Bent Spoon. It's artisanal ice cream. The portions are small, but the flavors are unique- like heirloom tomato and white chocolate lavender- and it's about 3.50 for a small scoop. They also have vanilla, chocolate, etc but if you want to change it up a little bit that's the place to go. They also have cute cupcakes that you can eat along with your ice cream.

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                Check out Ice Scream You Scream on Farnsworth Avenue in Bordentown, serving great local Arctic brand ice cream from Trenton. Good stuff. They also own the cigar bar across the parking lot from their back door. -mJ

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                  Bent Spoon definetly deserves a visit. The ice cream is all local no preservatives, etc. Flavors can be extreme- corn, earl grey, vanilla carmel bourbon sea salt, etc. Their hot cocoa is excellent in the colder months as well.

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                    OMG. My favorite ice cream ever!! In the summer they had bellini flavor that was to die for. So amazing. I wish we had ice cream like this in NYC!

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                    I have to agree with Halo Pub--there's one on Hulfish/Downtown Princeton ($1.75/scoop). You can get 3 pints/$4 at Halo Farm (next to the Trenton Farmer's Market in Lawrenceville).

                  3. I like Zita's on Springfield Ave. in New Providence.

                    1. Tried All Natural Homemade Ice Cream from
                      Cranbury Delights Cranbury NJ this is right across the street from Gil &Bert's - they have been there for four years.
                      What a pleasant surprise!
                      Unique texture, not hand dipped.
                      Enjoyed the Cinnamon Swirl, topped with the cutest little heart cookie - Very good
                      Will go back to try the other flavors
                      Some pictures - sorry if they are twisted - gotta figure that out :0

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                        Great News for this little wonderful local shop.
                        They have been recently offered a Brand Marketing opportunity for their wonderful ice cream.
                        Whatever path they choose, wish them happiness, and continued success!

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                          The Cranbury Crunch Ice Cream here at Cranbury Delights is quite yummy!

                        2. Milltown Ice Cream Depot

                          Great Ice Cream, Ices and Soft Ice Cream in a odd (more of a residential ) location in Milltown. Always a very large selection of flavors to choose from that includes some "low calorie or sugar free" selections.

                          Portions are large (2-3 scoops in a small)....prices small-about $2.-$2.50 for a small
                          There are normally lines, although the staff is quick you may have to wait 10-15 minutes - but when you do you'll have to select from a large variety of hard ice cream, ices and soft ice cream.

                          If you are in the mood for some good desserts, definitely make a trip out here and order only what you know you can eat, and then some, as this friends-and-family owned ice cream parlor is very generous with their servings.

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                            Thouroughly disagree with Miltown Ice Cream Depot's ice cream quality and flavors.... bland, thin, not creamy... no richness.... drive the 10 minutes to New Brunswick, and Thomas Sweet.

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                              Thomas Sweet is too rich for me; prefer Halo. Still have to try Bent Spoon (likely the only place in walking distance we haven't tried!)

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                                I love Swal Dairy in Allentown, NJ. Its in Monmouth County, but right on the tip of Mercer.

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                                  You will definetly enjoy Bent Spoon. So many flavors, all with locally sourced and seasonally fresh ingredients. I love reading the ingredients on their small packages of ice cream. Hormone free this, hormone free that, fresh love, and a smattering of fairy dust to make it so additively good!