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May 16, 2008 10:52 AM

Sushi Roku Tonight--Some Questions

Okay, I know that this place is not some hounds favorite, but we were given a gift certificate and we plan on using it tonight. So please no suggestions for other spots.

What I'd like to know is if there is a real sushi bar, or just a bar? If there is a sushi bar, is it worth making reservations for the sushi bar, or just stick to a table?

Any notable dishes?


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  1. Maybe you could buy one avocado roll and cash out the rest of the gift certificate?

    Roku on 3rd was one of the first sushi places I was taken to when I was a newbie to LA (way back in 1997). Even back then, when my chowhound palate was not fully developed (I was fresh off the turnip truck from central Missouri), I found the food thoroughly mediocre and was turned off by the scene. I seem to recall there was a sushi bar there (not positive) but I do not remember many specifics about my time there-- just an overall impression.

    Wish I could be more helpful!

    Mr Taster

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      I don't know . . . the place is lame and the menu features dishes that don't really appeal to my preferences regarding sushi, but the fish is good quality and the chefs can cut it without issue. I would rate it a lot better than mediocre if we judged them by their best dishes and sushi. That's precisely what's so infuriating about the place. The scene sucks and most of the menu is focused on crap but they are immenently capable of putting out quite good food if you manuever properly. This can, and should, be a very nice experience for the OPs.

    2. I was just at the Hollywood location last week for a business lunch. The sushi was amazingly fresh and yes, there's a sushi bar. I think it sits about 12 people or so. Make sure you get the rock shrimp ceviche. It's not on the menu but it's mind-blowingly good. I'm craving it as we speak. The hanabi is particularly good as well. My tuna and salmon sashimi were fresh and incredibly delicious. I know other Chowhounders have a deep dislike for Roku and that's their opinion which I respect but I have been going to the various Rokus for the last 10 years or so and I never had a horrific meal. Bad service and some subpar meals along the way, yes, but never horrific or "I'll never go back there again" meals.

      1. I agree with ECP. I think there are some good dishes at Roku too, please don't hate me. I like the yellowtail sashimi with diced chiles, the tuna sashimi carpaccio, the baked cod, the baked crab hand roll, the crunchy spicy tuna roll, the baked lobster roll and the dynamite roll. The chocolate lava cake is pretty tasty as well.

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          yes the yellowtail sashimi with diced chiles is great! go to the 3rd street branch - the clientele seems to be pickier so they make sure the freshest goes there.

          1. re: flavasista

            def agree on the 3rd st vs santa monica location. santa monica is soooooo loud, moreso than 3rd st. and 3rd st.'s sushi bar is nicer IMO.

          2. re: Juji

            I am going to go ahead and vouch for the lobster roll. I thought it was delicious.

            It's not 5* chowhound eats, but it's not bad.

          3. Thanks for the suggestions and the enthusiasm! It sounds like we'll definitely have to try the yellowtail sashimi with chilis and the hanabi. I'll have to see about that rock shrimp ceviche too.

            I realized I wasn't specific-we are going to the one in Santa Monica, so my question about the sushi bar is about that location. On the phone they said they could only take reservations for tables but we could sit at the bar if seats were available. That's why I wasn't sure if it was a real sushi bar or just a bar.

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            1. re: chowbee

              I've only been to the SM location a few times but it's twice the size of the Hollywood location and definitely has a full-service sushi bar.

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                doh sorry, then my suggestion for 3rd st is silly, i apologize!

                try the miso eggplant as well as mushrooms in this ponzu broth... forget what it's called, and the soft shell crab. you're better off picking your own rolls, depending upon what you like, and they're pretty tolerant of leaving things out or adding items in...

              2. I've only sat at bar, not a sushi bar. It is near the sushi chef work station. I've been to sushi a few times at Sushi Roku, mostly for business lunches when I was a corporate stooge. It's always been fine for me. I do try to stay away from the tarted up stuff though.

                I've had great service at the bar on one ocassion and the only time I though the place was really good was when we ordered omakase. If the gift certificate is pretty substantial then you could go that route. Even if you had to pay a little out of pocket it would be worth it, I would imagine.