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May 16, 2008 10:07 AM

Dog Friendly Patios in Dallas??

Recently dined at La Duni for the umpteenth time but discovered the patio to be dog friendly for the first time. Guess I never noticed. Does anyone know of other patios that are the same way? I don't want her on a leash through the bars because she is small and that is a scary place for her to be. Am also curious to know how others feel about having dogs around them while dining. Doesn't bother me obviously but I am curious how others feel about it. In my experience everyone wanted to stop and let me know how well behaved and adorable she is. But I knew that. :)

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  1. State and Allen lounge is dog friendly, but not much room to run around.

    Lee Harvey's has dog day afternoon on Sundays. They close up the gates and allow the dogs to run around the outside. And they have good burgers!

    1. Barcadia on Henderson. Nice big patio, decent-enough bar food and a bunch of old-school video games!!

      1. Glad you started this post! I want to know of some good places to bring my dog besides the obvious places like Pooch Patio or City Pet Life on Oak Lawn. I remember about a year ago or so places in The West Village had a ban on having dogs on the patio and last time I was at Toulouse, the dogs had to stay on the other side or the railing.

        Good to know about Barcadia!

        1. Jake's Hamburgers on McKinney is dog friendly!

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          1. Capitol Pub is dog friendly. But, all the dogs I've seen were on leashes kind of hanging around in the shade under the tables. Amuse has dog food items on their brunch menu. So, I'm sure their patio is open to pooches. They can even eat!