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May 16, 2008 09:41 AM

NoBe restaurant that is dog-friendly &...

can accommodate a party of 10 this Sunday at 1 pm - does it exist? We just moved from SoBe to NoBe & I'm not completely familiar with my new 'hood. I have family coming into town & we want a nice meal but nothing over-the-top pricey. Would love to try CPrimaPasta but are they dog-friendly?

Thanks!!! Kat

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  1. I would think any outside cafe is dog friendly. PrimaPasta might be difficult with their outside seating how it is situated and it might offend others around you.

    Definitely if you were to go to Bal Harbour Shops, yes it is slightly snooty, but it is fun sitting at Carpaccio and people watch and it is not all that expensive. Plus they are super dog friendly in the mall as everyone is walking around like Paris Hilton with their pooches, just be sure all the dogs you are taking are somewhat well behaved or toy size to be on the safe side.

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood! This should help you get acquainted, my map of good eats around the North Beach area and across the causeway to Biscayne ->

      Prima Pasta's outdoor seating is semi-enclosed and I'd check with them first.

      Tamarind Thai has outdoor seating facing out on Normandy Circle and good food provided you order it Thai Spicy (otherwise I find it bland). Not sure if Las Vacas Gordas does lunch but they've got outside seating as well.