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May 16, 2008 09:40 AM

where to buy corn syrup?

I tried 2 different Stop&Shops to no avail. Anyone know a store in Boston that sells corn syrup?

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  1. Look next to the pancake syrups and molasses, not in the baking aisle where you'd expect it to be. I know I've bought corn syrup at S&S.

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    1. I've seen it at the S&S near my too - the one in N. Quincy off Newport Ave.

      1. Yeah, I think pretty much every market carries Karo brand syrup.

        1. Yes, its pretty common, both light and dark.. its not like it takes up a lot of shelf space (e.g. 40 varieties of pretzels), so you might have to look hard or ask.

          1. Thanks to all who replied. :) The S&S's I looked at were not the finest of grocery stores -- Southie and South Bay -- so I am sure I'll have better luck in a different part of town. thanks again.

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              Actually, I think the South Bay Stop and Shop is one of the best of the chain! Certainly the cleanest Stop and Shop I've ever been in.

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                Re south bay stop & shop --It's clean, and big, but it's always a mob scene. Ugh, I try to avoid is whenever possible.