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May 16, 2008 09:39 AM

Fried Pickle Spears

Since Rudeboy hasn't done it yet. . .

Where are your favorite Austin establishments for fried pickle spears? I like the ones at Alamo Drafthouse, but I don't particularly like the ones at Pluckers.



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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I really like the zesty flavor of the ones at Alamo Drafthouse by thought they were pricey for the limited number you get. But also guess that's the cost you pay for being able to buy alcohol and watch a movie without minors around. only get 4 or 5 spears from what I remember so it's not real filling

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      1. re: amykragan

        I have never tried them at the Alamo Drafthouse so may have to do that. You mentioned you didn't like Pluckers - I always thought they were good though. Trying to remember where else has spears since so many usually have the pickle chips. I don't know how but I find the pickle spears very filling which is amazing it is just a breaded pickle.

      2. Plucker's Wings has some of the best fried pickle spears that I've ever had. They don't survive take-out or delivery but in-house they are very good. Good texture, good crisp, and still a nice crunchy pickle inside.

        1. had some at the tavern (across from austin java) on lamar. they were pretty good.

          1. I grew up eating fried pickles at a catfish house in Carriere, MS. But those were fried pickle chips dipped in cornmeal. That has, unfortunately, set the standard for fried pickles. I think that fried spears are just too mushy and most places around here bread them too heavily. Is there anywhere around here that fries chips instead of spears?

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              Several places! I am from Texas... okay, since the age of 4... my first fried pickles were at Threadgill's on Lamar only 15 years ago when I happily moving to Austin (they are now off the menu but they will make them upon request). I was in awe. Keep in mind, I'm a pickle fanatic! I now try them everywhere I see them. I thought they were good at Katz's, as well... awhile ago.

              So, fried pickles are a southern "thang"? Never had one in Big D, Houston or Galveston (all places that I have lived).

              I completely agree about the mushy spears... no go.

              1. re: Rene

                I live in Houston & we get the spears at Katz's. They are fabulous! When in Galveston, The Spot has fried pickle chips, they're great too. My favorite are definitely spears at Katz's. Don't enjoy paying for them at Katz's though. We ate there last night & my daughter was paying - $8 for 6. But, so tasty!

              2. re: MyySharona

                Cuatro's on 24th street has excellent fried pickle chips served with a jalapeno ranch. The other menu items we have tried (burgers, various tacos) are pretty bland in my opinion though.

                1. re: MyySharona

                  MyySharona -

                  I am heading to Carriere in a couple days. What is the name of the Catfish house who makes these pickles?

                  1. re: MyySharona

                    We had the fried pickle chips at Angel's Ice House in Spicewood this weekend. They are my favorite with a light, nicely seasoned breading. They threw in a handful of friend jalepeno chips and served with a tasty chipotle ranch for dipping.