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recommendations for Cape Cod area restaurants

We live in Manhattan, but we'll be driving to Cape Cod a few weeks, staying in Hyannis (but we'll drive anywhere in the Cape). We're looking for great, fresh seafood- doesn't have to be fancy. Actually, we like seafood shacks and things like that. Lobster, crab, clam chowder, scallops, shrimp- we're looking for a seafood feast. Any recommendations? We don't want to spend a fortune either.

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  1. Shellfish, especially lobster and clams, isn't cheap, even on the Cape. With that said, one of the places we really like is the Chart Room, in Pocasset, near Falmouth. It's about a 1/2 hour drive from Hyannis, but it's a great open space, right on the water. It's very crowded, and you'll definitely want to make reservations.

    1. Raw Bar is opening at Ocean St. near Hyline in tacky busy but lively too, Hyannis. They are in New Seabury as well and honestly have the best lobster roll in the world. It is pricey but no filler and a dab of mayo. FABULOUS. Great views of the boat basin too.

      1. I think you will find everything you want in the seafood line at Moby Dick's on Rt 6 in Wellfleet. Very informal and touristy but good. Google their website and you'll wish you were there now.

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          Moby's has a darn good lobstah roll but pricey. Friendly Fisherman in Eastham's is cheaper and bigger, IMHO. Moby's is indeed a fun tourista spot. It is 40 min. from Hyannis give or take a few depending on traffic.

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            Just ate at both Moby Dick's and Friendly Fisherman. Moby's for lunch - pricy but fun. Good lobster roll. Lots of options for everyone in the family.
            Friendly Fisherman had awesome clam strips. Hige portion!! BYOB but there's a liquor store next door to grab a beer while your food cooks.

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              I *love* the Friendly Fisherman! The lobster rolls are just perfect for my taste... just a touch of mayo to enhance the already rich lobster meat, a simple leaf of lettuce, on a crispy roll. And they are huge! I always finish it though, haha.

          2. Many good to great choices can be found in this thread (Beware...there's a few stinkers too.... :-)


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              I am not seafood person unless it's fried clam strips or clam cakes,red chowder and doughboys? Can't wait till i can move to upper cape cod,ma,hope fully soon? miss cape cod so much?I perfer lobester pot in buzzard's Bay,Ma there are few more places all senic highway in Bourne,Wareham and down farther in cape cod,ma.But I don't like large fancy places in summer,prefer beachy places.

            2. Thanks! This is a great start! Can't wait to go.

              1. We also love Moby Dick's for causal seafood- favorites are the Blooming Onion, fried oysters, fried scallops and fried fish and chips. Another Wellfleet favorite is Finely JP's- love the scallop pasta. If you are in Ptown try Ross' Grill in Whalers Wharf. (Stop by Christof's jewely on the way by. Love their jewerly where my husband gets great gifts for Christmas, my birthday, etc.) Never been disappointed in any of these. Enjoy your time at the Cape!!! Wish I was going too!!!

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                  And Moby Dick's is BYOB if you care for an alcoholic beverage.

                2. Need some addresses for this weekend

                  Jerry's Seafood & Dairy Freeze
                  654 Route 28 West, Yarmouth, MA

                  Moby Dick's
                  RR 6 Wellfleet MA, MA

                  Friendly Fisherman's Fishmarket
                  4580 State Hwy, Eastham, MA

                  Stella Pizza
                  180 Cranberry Hwy, Orleans, MA

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                    Stella Pizza is no more. Hillcrest Pizza is there in its place. Friendly Fisherman, Moby DIck's are definitely closed for the season. Jerry's may be as well.

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                      Jerry's is open year round, although why anyone would go there is beyond me.

                  2. I really like The Lobster Pot in Provincetown. It looks like a tourist trap from the outside, but the food is wonderful and fresh. Lobsters are kept in a tank that is pumped with fresh water straight from the bay.