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May 16, 2008 09:26 AM

pick yr. own mushrooms......

i want to find some wild edible mushrooms to cook with but i just can't seem to find any place to pick your own around ontario. does pick your own mushroom farms exist?

or is it something i have to chance upon in the woods?

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  1. There's a farm on Guelph Line, north of Burlington -- used to be called Kent, but now I think it's changed hands (maybe it's Money's now). Not sure if you could pick your own, but they were open to the public during the week.

    1. Given the way mushrooms are raised it would very much surprise me to see a "pick your own" farm. Mushrooms aren't plants and aren't raised outside in soil in the sun.

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        That's exactly right. They are raised in sterile conditions; even the stallion manure they prefer has to be sterilized. But you can buy kits for home growing, in a basement or garage. Try Dominion Seeds, Stokes, or Richter's for online sources close to home. Dominion has a costly morel kit, but I think that is risky, and I don't think it is guaranteed to grow.

        If you pick your own, take a guide, make spore prints, and ask an expert. Two of the safer picks are morels, this week, and young puffballs, in the fall.