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May 16, 2008 09:16 AM

Rocket To Venus Review (B-more)

I emailed the menu to my wife yesterday and as soon as she saw the magical words "fried pickles" reservations were being made for last night.
There was lots of outdoor seatong and inside it was decorated in teal and black with very cool looking banquettes and generously spaced tables. The windows were porthole shaped ala Flash Gordon.
Seated at our table, the wife quickly ordered her beloved pickles as we perused the menu. My heart started racing when I saw 2 words I have never seen before on a Baltimore menu: banh mi, that king of sandwiches. Jane ordered the brussel sprouts and "shrimpies", little sliders of a sort of shrimp salad (the ground beef version are called wimpies). I got the pork dumplings and the banh mi. The fried pickles were 3 healthy dill spears in a crunchy batter with a chipotle ranch dressing. Not my thing, but the missus loved them. The brussel sprouts were plentiful, tasty, and crunchy, their bitterness tempered by balsamic vinegar. The pork dumplings were 4 fried potstickers, nothing special, but the bacon in them added a nice touch. Jane liked her 4 sliders and could only finish 2. The banh mi came on a rather chewy but good baguette. The sole meat was a thick slab of country pate garnished with lots of lightly pickled daikon, shredded carrot, mint and lettuce. Thai bird peppers were replaced by sliced jalapenos. No Kewpie mayonnaise, instead a spicy hot salsa on the side. It was sort of like banh mi on steroids. It won't make me forget the ones in Chinatown in Manhattan, but it was enjoyable and huge. Both sandwiches were accompanied by a mound of excellent dark brown fries which appeared to have been double fried to good effect.
For dessert, they offer Dangerously Delicious pies but we were too stuffed to try them. A nice selection of inexpensive wines with many offered by the glass. More food than we could eat for $43 plus tip including a glass of Merlot and a tonic water. Not earth-shattering, but solid and we'll be back. Service was very good, even with a full house.

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  1. Your wife has endeared herself to me even more if that's possible. I am crazy about fried pickles, although to be truly done properly they should be battered chips rather than spears and served with yellow mustard.

    I had a very good version of them last weekend at the Yellow Dog Tavern. Fried pickle chips came with their Kobe slider special, which I ordered solely for the side (although the sliders were good). I had to ask for yellow mustard though.

    I have not been to RtV yet, but I'll bump them up on my list.

    1. ko1--if your wife loves fried pickles (as I do too) you both should try out Mimi's Cafe in Columbia. A HUGE platter of battered chips served with a tangy ranch sauce are offered for about $6.95.

      I never heard of Rocket to Venus and am anxious to try it out one night during the week for a casual dinner. I'll let you know what my hubby and I think once we go. FoiGras

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      1. Great review why are so many good places on your side of town?!

        1. Thanks for the review. This is one of those places where I've managed to stop in for a drink, but never a meal. And, you just gotta respect a place cheeky enough to serve both fried pickles and banh mi at the same time!

          1. The original comment has been removed