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May 16, 2008 09:00 AM

Mustard Seed -- Shockingly Bad in Charleston

We ate at the Mustard Seed on James Island two nights ago. This is one of our "comfort" restaurants -- you know you will get good food in a cozy atmosphere at fair prices. It is one of our "safeties" -- when we want to go out, but can't really decide where to go.

Well, it does not hold that status anymore!

First, it has moved into a larger, sterile space (just next door from where it was on Maybank Highway to where Locklear's used to be) -- it now feels a bit like a slightly more upscale Ruby Tuesday. The service was VERY slow, despite the waitress being very nice and capable. The food was a disaster -- the inside of my chicken enchiladas was cold (not luke warm, but cold) and had to be sent back, my wife's pecan encrusted chicken was undercooked to the point of much of it being inedible, and she also reported that the fresh tomatoes had a chemical taste. Lots of waiting for a big disappointment.

For a Sal Parco restaurant (he also owns Boulevard Diner, the other Mustard Seeds, Uno Mas and Sette), this was a major flop. There is too much good food in the area to waste our time and money here -- we'll not be hurrying back.

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  1. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I, however, have never understood the love on this board for MS. I have given it a try many times, and my last experience was similar to yours, cold entree and undercooked chicken.

    On the other hand, I do enjoy BD and Long Point Grill, I have never tried Uno Mas or Sette. I agree, too much good food in the area to waste your time and money.

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      I'm relieved I'm not the only one who doesn't understand the hype. Three out of four of our party ordered the Pad Thai in March at the Mt. Pleasant restaurant. We were all very disappointed; it was cold and soupy with very little flavor. I love Sette, Boulevard Diner and just tried Long Point Grill for the first time on Thursday. After visiting Uno Mas twice the jury is still out.

    2. agreed! Never understood the hype either. Do love the new Pearlz in Avondale West Ashley though!

      1. That's too bad. I always liked it, but I have to relate my two favorite stories about the Seed ... two relatives were dining there for dinner and ordered a bottle of wine. The waitress looked at them incredulously and said "For the two a ya?" like they were overordering or something. Another time I was having dinner there with these same two relatives and it was a weeknight - we were enjoying our food and finishing up our drinks when, I kid you not, they started turning out all the lights in our section (we were the only diners there) - it wasn't even 9:15! That was enough for me.

        1. We ate at the James Island Mustard Seed Last night for the first time on New Years we usually Dine at the one in Mt. P. We started the night with an intro from our waitress not welcoming us to the restaurant or much less telling us her name but simply asking what we wanted. We split the tomato mozzarella bland and forgettable. My Wife ordered the shrimp pasta the night before in Mt. P and loved it for some reason JI could not produce the same results the dish was Horrible. I hate the old Bretts Location every restaurant that has attempted to reopen there has failed. I will not be going back to Mustard Seed Unless Sal himself is there managing it back to Par.