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May 16, 2008 08:31 AM

Bosses' Birthday Lunch

Hey - I work in the financial district and it's my bosses birthday in June - I've been given the task of making reservations and I'm wondering where I (we) should take him. Besides being a high powered exec, his wife is a gourmet chef so he's accustomed to fine dining.

failing any strong recommendations we'll probably end up at Bymark but I'm wondering if there are any hidden gems? maybe something a little less known...

thanks in advance!

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  1. Canoe is excellent.
    A little off the beaten-path, and slightly away from the financial district is George, which is also excellent

    1. Yeah, Canoe is safer than Bymark. Especially if you are not paying. There is no real obvious safe recommendation than that, but I do like George too. Colborne Lane is now open for lunch too I believe, but I have heard mixed reviews from friends lately. Service issues mostly.

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      1. re: Westwardho

        d'uh. how could I forget about Canoe? and no, I'm not paying so that's a definite plus!

        you both mentioned George - if you had to choose between the two for your own lunch, where would you go?

        1. re: Bex714

          Hmmm....Canoe is always a safe bet for a corporate lunch, but I would honestly be very happy with either one
          I can't honestly saw I have a strong preference either way.

          Have you checked out the menus? Perhaps there are things on one menu vs the other that he may prefer

          1. re: Bex714

            If you want an outdoor setting, then George would be my choice -- their patio is beautiful. If you want the view, then go for Canoe. I don't think you can go wrong with either.